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Together to transform

Together to transform

Our history

Since 2012, Fundación Colunga has joined the commitment to promote a more just society, through partnerships with various actors: civil society organizations, the private world, the public and academia. All this in the search to elaborate proposals that contribute to public policy and the strengthening of civil society.

With special attention to children and adolescents, Colunga promotes social innovations aimed at generating a systemic change in critical areas such as overcoming poverty, protecting the rights of children and youth, improving the quality of education and promotion of new forms of inclusion (migration and social reintegration, for example). In this way, it develops innovative proposals that contribute to public advocacy and facilitate social transformation.

Colunga owes its name to a town located in the Principality of Asturias, in Spain, place of origin of the Cueto Plaza family, who set up this foundation to contribute to the social development of Chile and other countries in the region.


Contribute to overcome the poverty of children and adolescents, promoting social innovation, advocacy in public policies and strengthening the ecosystem of civil society.


Promote and promote organizations that contribute to overcome poverty and improve the quality of education in Chile and Latin America.


We dream of fairer and more collaborative societies, for a better future of the new generations.


  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Service vocation


  • Esperanza Cueto

    Esperanza Cueto


  • Juan José Cueto

    Juan José Cueto


  • Ignacio Cueto

    Ignacio Cueto


  • Enrique Cueto

    Enrique Cueto


  • Benito Baranda

    Benito Baranda



  • Arturo Celedón

    Arturo Celedón

    Executive Director

  • Paulina Rojas

    Paulina Rojas

    Director of Social Development Program

  • Álvaro Salas

    Álvaro Salas

    Director of Administration and Finance

  • Pilar Egaña

    Pilar Egaña

    Director of Communications and Networks

  • Soledad Ferrer

    Soledad Ferrer

    Director of Social Innovation

  • María Eugenia Díaz

    María Eugenia Díaz

    Program Coordinator

  • Paula Aliaga

    Paula Aliaga

    Coordinator of the Social Development Program

  • Lya Muñoz

    Lya Muñoz


  • Santiago Mallagray

    Santiago Mallagray

    IS 2030 Project Coordinator

  • Josefina Palacios

    Josefina Palacios

    Coordinator ColungaHUB

  • Juan Paulo Arias

    Juan Paulo Arias

    Head of General Services

  • Paz Garcés Luna

    Paz Garcés Luna

    Adviser of contents and social policies

  • Tania Pavez

    Tania Pavez

    Adviser of contents and social policies

  • Andreha Torres

    Andreha Torres

    Accounting assistant

  • Paola Rebolledo

    Paola Rebolledo

    Executive Secretary

  • Rosa Llanos

    Rosa Llanos

    Secretary Reception

  • Hilda Figeroa

    Hilda Figeroa

    General Services Staff

  • Claudia Cantillana

    Claudia Cantillana

    General Services Staff

  • Óscar Herrera

    Óscar Herrera

    Building Maintenance

  • Paola Zúñiga

    Paola Zúñiga

    General Services Staff

  • Sandra Rivero

    Sandra Rivero

    General Services Staff

Our impact

Through support to organizations that intervene directly in the field, Fundación Colunga manages to positively impact more than 25 thousand people.

  • 17388

    Children and young people benefited in the education area

  • 25000

    People in vulnerable situation directly benefited

  • 7537

    Benefited from programs to overcome poverty

  • 120

    Supported organizations that work collaboratively


Download transparency resources such as our reports and other reports.

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We dream of more inclusive and collaborative societies that build a better future for the new generations

For this we work through two lines of action:

It is a platform where social investment is made, the development of impact models is accompanied and the incidence on public policies is enhanced.

Social Development Program

It is a unit that promotes social innovation in civil society organizations that lead high-impact initiatives to improve the quality of social interventions.

Center for Social Innovation