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Conoce más sobre la campaña La Otra Distancia Social

Estar informado/a también ayuda a disminuir esta brecha y a ayudad a casi un millón de niñas, niños y adolescentes que viven en situación de pobreza en Chile. Visita:

We dream of more inclusive and collaborative societies that build a better future for the new generations

To do this we work through three lines of action:

It is a platform where social investment is made, the development of impact models is accompanied and the incidence on public policies is enhanced.

Social Development Program

It enhances the impact of proposals and solutions for children in poverty, promoting collaboration, knowledge generation and public advocacy.

Research and Public Policies

It is a unit that promotes social innovation in civil society organizations that lead high-impact initiatives to improve the quality of social interventions.

Center for Social Innovation

We work with organizations that develop social initiatives in overcoming the poverty and education that generate impact through:

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Through its different areas of work, Fundación Colunga offers you:

red de transformadores

Be part of a network of transformers


Tools and support in your process

aporte economico

Financing to implement or improve your initiative

espacios de trabajo

Inspiring spaces for collaborative work

Meet all those who are part of the Red Colunga