Enfrentemos junt@s esta pandemia.

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Enfrentando el COVID-19

Fondo de Respuesta Comunitaria recibió más de 900 postulaciones de proyectos para enfrentar las consecuencias del COVID-19

Organizaciones de la sociedad civil levantan fondo para apoyar a comunidades y mitigar el impacto económico de la crisis

National Consultation on the Situation of Early Childhood due to the COVID-19 Crisis yields the first results on how children and those in their care have experienced the pandemic

Arturo Celedón on Tele 13 Radio: "The children have had to experience a series of pressures as a result of how bad the adults are going through"

The Other Social Distance: Civil society organizations launch an awareness campaign on the consequences of being born and growing up in poverty, in which there are almost one million girls, boys and adolescents in Chile

Columna: Pobreza infantil y distancia social

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Conversaciones con líderes

Felipe Berríos: “La gente está ávida de humanidad”

Inscripciones abiertas para conversatorio sobre los desafíos comunicacionales de fundaciones y ONGs ante el covid-19

Colunga collaborates with UNICEF in donating supplies against Covid-19 in centers of the National Service for Minors

Colunga conducts its II Cycle of Open Talks to deliver tools to the community around the Coronavirus crisis

ColungaLAB conducts fifth version of its cycle of open talks, addressing stewardship in times of pandemic

Colunga and Trabün Foundations hold talks on how to maintain meaningful links in times of crisis

Colunga and Pro Bono Foundations conduct talk on labor regulation in times of crisis

Together we are going to get ahead and overcome the Coronavirus crisis!

ColungaHub closes its offices for 48 hours due to a confirmed case of Coronavirus from one of the members of its community