San Juan Apostle Institute

San Juan Apostle Institute

Work area:

Quality of education

Tipo de Apoyo:

Fondo Transforma


Improvement of rooms for secondary education and for time extension

Año de Apoyo:


The mission of this entity is to provide education and education at the preschool, basic, and scientific-humanistic and technical-professional media levels to children with limited resources in the community of Recoleta. In addition, it includes a comprehensive support plan for students and their families, with social workers, psychologists, psycho-pedagogues, guidance counselors, tutorials, cultural and sports workshops, and other training areas. 

The project "Construction of adequate spaces for the development of the curriculum of secondary education ", supported by Colunga, aims to ensure that the infrastructure responds in quantity and quality to what is proposed in the educational project, building new rooms and adapting existing spaces.