Portas Foundation

Portas Foundation

Work area:

Quality of education

Tipo de Apoyo:

Fondo Transforma


Maintenance scholarships

Año de Apoyo:

2012 - 2016

Fundación Portas works supporting young people who come from contexts of poverty and who study in higher education. They accompany them since they enter higher education until they graduate and find their first professional job. The objective of this initiative, supported by the Strengthening Fund of Colunga between 2012 and 2016, is for young people to develop a series of soft skills, which serve as tools to build a comprehensive life project that allows them to feel full both personally as well as professionally.

The results obtained, in terms of retention in the education system and job placement have been excellent. The project consists of a personal and academic development program, and a maintenance grant of 38 thousand pesos per month.

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General Manager :

Rodrigo Tupper



Fundación Portas