An opportunity for Chile

October 24, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

More than 50 representatives of organizations of the Red Colunga We meet to reflect on what our country is living. What started as a call for mass evasions due to the rise in the Metro passage has resulted in a large social outbreak, both in Santiago and in various cities in Chile.

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During the meeting, organized by Fundación Colunga, we talked about the inequalities suffered by people in Chile and what we have to do as a civil society to overcome this crisis. “In our network, more than 200 thousand people in vulnerable situations receive different types of support. There are opportunities for the social development of our country and if we manage to do it from a collective perspective, we will have an impact, ”he said. Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of the foundation.

There is no doubt that we are facing a deep political and social crisis. A context that has been incubating for years and today requires active listening and, above all, answers that must come from public policy and society as a whole.

Together with the peaceful and legitimate manifestations of dissatisfied citizens, we have seen the destruction of public and private assets, looting and indiscriminate attacks. And while we are emphatic in condemning that violence, we also know that it is necessary to condemn the violations of Human Rights that are happening at the moment and relieve the importance of the dignity of people.

It is time for empathy, to recognize the costs of our growth and initiate ways of reparation, reconstruction of coexistence and democracy.

Overcoming this crisis will take time, but as civil society organizations we humbly believe that we can contribute in different key areas. Here we gather some reflections that we have had and will continue to be channeled with the more than 400 organizations that are being coordinated from the #New Social Pact: Collect the eyes of the communities, generating paths of participation that are increasingly effective in strengthening our democracy; Deepen our work in the most excluded territories to accompany improvements in quality of life and propose scalable solutions; Connect our action with the impact on public policies.

These are just some reflections that we will have to deepen ... We are many that we want to transform, but today more than ever we want to reiterate our commitment to work for justice and equality, and we invite Chilean society to face with courage the structural causes behind the enormous discontent that arises today. Now is when we need to build a space for dialogue and transversal meeting, where we can understand how we get to this difficult situation and reach broad agreements, essential to overcome this moment.

Let's embrace a collective project. We draw a new horizon for our country. Let's transform this crisis into a real opportunity for Chile.

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