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November 4, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

On October 18, one of the most powerful social manifestations of the country began after the return to democracy, where inequality has been one of the causes of discontent. During those days we lived an enriching training meeting on an innovative methodology of participation, together with American experts in Sociocracy, John buck, President of Governance Alive Y Larry Checco, President of Checco Communications.

Encuentro Sociocracia en Cuncumén

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During these weeks we have seen the need for citizen participation and the great value of the Sociocracy is that it allows everyone to participate, something very important for decision-making to be in accordance with people's needs.

Sociocracy is defined as "a democracy for organizations." Its organizational structure is based on groups of small circles, which give a voice to all those who are part of the organization and where decision making is done by consent. “A leader needs the Sociocracy to receive feedback from others and thus see the blind spots you have about a problem, ”said Buck, founder of The Sociocracy Group.

During the workshop participants learned about the importance of the impact of collective intelligence, what are the roles within a circle, how to make decisions by consent, active listening and internalize the purpose of organizations.

Some impressions of the attendees

Gabriela Quilaqueo from Mapuche Newen Corporation: “There are many things that made sense to me, because we, like Newen, are looking for a form of participation that involves everyone, that does not leave people excluded.”

María Alejandra Cifuentes from Minera Escondida Foundation: “This governance can allow us to reach better understandings with each other and be heard. That is what we aim for and what we should transfer to the young people whom we form.

Fabian Vidal from Fundación Mujer Levántate: "I am going through several challenges to adapt this model to the dynamics of work and decision-making that the foundation has."

Paula Olivares of the Jesuit Migrant Service: “I take practical lessons that we can then use in the organization. We use several participatory methodologies to think about the projects, but it would be very interesting to take some tools that can help us distribute the power in a better way ”. 

Verónica Puga from Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Chile: “I am very grateful for this space, especially at a time like this. It was important to stop, stop and dream of a much more equitable society and where everyone is represented in the decision-making process ”.

The meeting, which was held in the town of Cuncumén, convened 31 representatives of different organizations and was organized by Fundación Colunga with the support of The Kairos Project Chile.

The voice of the experts

John buck: “For me this was a unique experience and I enjoyed it a lot because I don't normally have the opportunity to talk to nonprofit organizations that focus on improving society. I think that those who participated can use the Sociocracy immediately, not only in their own teams, but also in the projects they are doing and in the people they benefit from, which may be the most important thing. If they know how the Sociocracy works in their own organizations, they can tell others' why don't you organize like us? It makes you stronger'".

Larry Checco: "This weekend was extraordinary, for me and for John, because we met national leaders with open minds, who are willing to accept the challenge of distributing power to fulfill the common good."

An opportunity to promote new forms of collaboration and governance, to increase the effectiveness of organizations and have a greater impact on social reality. 

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