"What is sought in Colunga are innovative solutions that open the way to effective inclusion" - Teresa Matus

October 5, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

In a new day of the ColungaHUB Laboratory Consolidation Program, the participants reviewed their Social Transformation Models together with the expert in social innovation, Teresa Matus.

In this third day of learning, the winners of the 2016 Innovative Fund of Colunga (Minga Valpo Foundation; Amereida Cultural Corporation; Deal Done Neighbor Foundation; Altiplano Monsignor Salas Valdes Foundation; Teaching Impulse and the San Gerardo Polyclinic Community Health Center) presented their Social Transformation Models to the panel of experts conformed by the Director of Social Work of the University of Chile, Teresa Matus and the ColungaHUB team.

This exercise arose from the workshop on AVEO models and approach (Assets Vulnerability and Structure of Opportunities) that the organizations carried out together with Servicio País in the previous day.

"I think we have great potential for projects, that's why I invite you to project beyond The Journey, because this is precisely the first impulse. What Colunga is looking for are innovative solutions that open the way to effective inclusion, which is what I see in all these projects made with different materials, with different elements and with different subjects ", commented Teresa Matus, and gave them the following recommendation: "If you organize your data to show the evidence of the failure that made you think about the project, and you see that failure is persistent then you project your projects beyond the context of today. The important thing is what you have discovered about how it works with the fault and how to work with the fault and why the way of working with the fault could innovate and solve problems, "he concluded.  

For their part, the organizations valued the comments of the Director of FACSO U de Chile:

"From the days we have done the work with Tere made us think about the meaning of the project, its origins and its philosophy, so in that sense we felt that it was not to arrive with a task but that it was to advance in the project so we appreciate it tremendously, "he said Victoria Jolly of Amereida Cultural Corporation.

"The error is a very good window to open better roads with the project itself, so I leave with many tasks so that together with the team we review our model and we can carry out the recommendations that Tere gave us," he said. Tanya Durán of Altiplano Foundation.

"We are going with the challenge of deepening the data, of evaluating the impact and generating those numbers that allow us to give more support to our story," he said. María José Rojas of Deal Done Neighbor.  

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