"We have to be much more innovative societies"

June 26, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

We talked with Roberto Artavia, President of VIVA Trust and of the Latin America Possible Foundation, featured exhibitor International Seminar IS2030 and Doctor of the School of Business of the University of Harvard.

The expert from Costa Rica told us about the importance of the articulation of social actors for sustainable development, but also of the individual responsibilities we have to achieve a better future.

What do you dream for 2030?

By 2030, I dream of having transformed the region, so that the next and subsequent one will be safe for the rest of your life.

How do you think that the generation of sustainable public policies can contribute to overcoming poverty?

Beyond overcoming poverty, I would say that what they have to do is create a platform where the productive private sector, organized civil society and the State's own institutions can converge, so that together, new solutions can be found that allow Solve the complete problems of society: Poverty, being the most urgent and the most unjust of all, but where there is also educational improvement, access to health and others, can be focused definitively.

What are the priority areas of intervention for a sustainable future?

For me the most urgent thing is climate change, because if we do not solve the climate problem, the resources and the capacity of nature to sustain us will change radically. Within that, it is very important, however, education, moderation in consumption, the responsibilities of each one of us for our community, our family, for managing our personal, family and institutional consumption.

Certainly, from a practical point of view, the issue of health becomes essential, because climate change will affect our health. If you see today, for example, the incidence of cancer or autoimmune diseases and their growth from pollution, is a reality that increases all health costs in an absolutely unnecessary way.

What are the challenges that must be assumed, therefore, to be a more sustainable society?

We have to be much more innovative societies, that we give new solutions to problems that are challenging us and that humanity had never faced because we did not have the volumes, the risks, or the enormous challenges we have today. And for that to happen I am an absolute believer that there must be more transparent societies, those who make decisions have to change, institutional and corporate governments have to renew themselves, become representative, diverse, experts in these future issues and certainly change the model development of nations, from one based on economic growth, to one based on social growth and sociability.


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