We have new organizations in the ColungaHUB community!

May 31, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Improving the living conditions of people, from education, the eradication of the street situation, access to art and global citizenship is what motivates these four new organizations that join our community.

We welcome Trabün, Moviliza, Colorearte and Fundación Melton. Know them:


The foundation Trabün ("Be united" in Mapudungun) seeks to contribute to the comprehensive education of students in school, through extracurricular workshops, where they contribute with education in values and social-emotional skills. Under the motto "Playing is learned", the foundation proposes an interactive and dynamic methodology, which allows children to be the protagonists and generate a true link with those who execute the programs. They want to be an effective aid in the diversification and increase of the quality of the education delivered by all the schools focused on children of scarce resources of Chile. They are in four schools in Puente Alto and impact more than 350 children. 

Executive Director: Juan Antonio Álvarez


This corporation emerged in 2006 with the aim of preventing and eradicating the street situation in Chile. "We believe in people, in their autonomy and independence; that is why we promote that those who are in street situations mobilize their own abilities and develop their potential to achieve personal improvement processes, "they highlight on their website. For them, the street situation does not depend only on personal efforts, but also on the opportunities we provide as a society. They work in three lines: prevention, overcoming and incidence. They are present in the Metropolitan and Valparaíso regions.

Executive director: Catalina Cuadra

Colorearte Educational Foundation 

This foundation started as an inclusive dyeing and creativity school competition, with 15 years of experience, whose objective is to promote through art, the skills for the 21st century (creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking) in basic education students, media and special schools throughout Chile. They work to support formal education from art.

Executive Director: Tom Clemens

Melton Foundation

This organization promotes global citizenship so that individuals and organizations can work together transcending physical barriers and identity, to address challenges in an interconnected world. Founded in 1991, it is made up of a global network of more than 500 students, leaders and professionals from the United States, Chile, Germany, Ghana, India and China, who model the practices of global citizenship in their communities, professional networks and homes.

Executive Director: Steffen Bethmann

We hope that our community, which already brings together 49 organizations, will continue to grow and work "together to transform".

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