Society in Action starts a new stage to make visible and strengthen CSOs

April 16, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

This year the invitation is to build a better Chile among all, and civil society organizations (CSOs) can not detract from this task.

It is in this context that SSociety in Action -Project led by the UC Public Policy Center and the Chile + Hoy Foundation -retakes its activities, with the aim of continuing to make visible and strengthen CSOs, with a view to building a better country together.

Especially this year there are important challenges: to repair the debt with the infringed children, to continue promoting initiatives that eradicate poverty and prepare us for a rapidly aging population, among others. In order to face them successfully, it is necessary that CSOs are valued and recognized in their work, opening spaces to contribute with their experience, commitment and innovative look on issues of high social value.

Therefore, this 2018 Society in Action will approach its work in three strategic axes:

one-. A new deal for CSOs

For decades, civil society organizations have provided education, attended to emergencies, fostered culture and, today more than ever, mobilize causes, protect rights and promote the common good.

However, although they work hand in hand with the State, delivering timely solutions on issues of public interest -and receive 41% of their revenues from the public sector-, there still remains to be progress to allow CSOs to realize their full potential.

During 2017, Sociedad en Acción worked together with 200 CSO representatives from all over Chile in the document "Strengthening civil society organizations". In 2018, they will promote, together with experts and members of civil society, a new deal for CSOs, through the development of two of these initiatives in a concrete way:

  • A proposal to improve the model of contracts of transfer of resources with the State, to advance towards a logic of collaboration
  • The online, updated and integrated registry that transparent the information about these institutions, articulating in a better way the link between CSO and the public sector.

two-. Overview of CSOs

We also know that the first step in CSO advocacy is recognition and, in order to achieve this, evidence is required that relieves the contribution that these institutions make.

Thanks to Study of Society in Action, project supported by Colunga Foundation, today we know that in Chile there are 234 thousand CSOs, which generate more than 145 thousand jobs, mobilize around 2 million volunteers and contribute to the economy with income representing 2.1% of GDP.

In order to continue advancing, this year they will observe in detail the concrete contribution made by two sectors that face priority challenges for the development of the country: Children and Senior Adult organizations, quantifying their real contribution with data on their benefits and programs.

3-.Voices of civil society

Finally, in 2018 they want to create spaces that position the opinion of CSOs in the public debate. Through opinion columns and periodic surveys, will seek to give prominence to the voices of these organizations on issues of social relevance.

Finally, during this year they will hold meetings that allow us to meet and strengthen together the CSOs. 

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