The Jesuit Migrant Service launches Intercultural Enterprise Network

May 9, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The first session of this group was developed, an initiative carried out by the Jesuit Migrant Service with the support of the Colunga Foundation, the Avina Foundation, the National Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Tourism Companies (Fedetur) and the Chilean Association of Gastronomy (Achiga ).

The Network of Intercultural Companies aims to be a space for meeting, reflection and training and advocacy around interculturality and inclusion of migrant people in the workplace.

What are its main focuses?

  • Share good practices, experiences and knowledge on issues of labor inclusion and interculturality.
  • Develop public policy proposals and a shared advocacy strategy to advance towards intercultural work spaces.
  • Promote the impact of the Network through strategic alliances linked to intercultural issues in the workplace, public and media, based on concrete evidence of the short and long term benefits of organizations.

How will the Network of Intercultural Companies work?

Based on bi-monthly meetings, thematic working groups, a board of directors, training and awareness-raising bodies, and the participation of its members.

During the meeting, they shared relevant information on the process of extraordinary regularization of foreigners in an irregular situation, who have entered Chile until April 8, 2018 as the maximum date:

  • In the offices of Chile Serves throughout the country, the offices of the Department of Immigration and Immigration and the offices of the nearest Governor, can legalize your visit or stay in the country.
  • For foreigners who entered through unauthorized steps, the term is until May 23, while those who have the expired tourism permit, the expired residence visa, the tourism visa valid on April 8, are requesting residency or reconsideration in process and perform remunerated activities without authorization, the term is until July 22.
  • In the first case they must carry the identification document (passport or identity card of the country of origin) and go in person to take a photo, fingerprint, and provide contact information. In the second case they must also bring the tourist card or travel certificate issued by the PDI, when they entered through authorized steps.

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The support of Fundación Colunga

The Jesuit Migrant Service is one of the winning organizations of the 2017 Strengthening Fund of Colunga. This fund seeks to implement improvements in the design and management of social programs, in organizations with experience in the field, to optimize standards and advance the quality of their projects. Through financial support and accompaniment in the execution process of its project, and for a period of up to three years, Fundación Colunga strengthens the quality and effectiveness of social initiatives.

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