Agile prototyping What did we learn?

October 29, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

Within the framework of the Catalyzing Program of the Social Innovation Laboratory of Colunga, more than 15 organizations participated in a agile prototyping workshop to add innovation to their social programs.

These are the testimonies of some participants:

"In the social world times are slower, heavier, complexity is so wide that one loses. In this workshop I was taught to think lighter, faster solutions, to try more "- Francisca Gómez, in charge of the project Kelmy in City of the Child Foundation.

"I take away from the workshop the importance of lowering expectations and learning how to jump into the pool. Assume that in making mistakes one is finding the solutions "- José María Fernández, researcher of the Department of Studies and Innovation of the Ciudad del Niño Foundation.

Francisca and José María - City of the Child Foundation

"What I rescue most is the idea that one always does things with a linear logic and many times the linear path is not the one that generates the most impact, nor is it the one that most serves your beneficiaries. There are so many variables of context that one often takes for granted without really knowing. This workshop helped me a lot "- Magdalena Mongillo, Social Director of First Childhood Foundation.   

Magdalena - Fundación Infancia Primero

"The main learning is the importance of failing. The prototypes allow you to do that, fail quickly and economically before launching with a larger project. Sometimes you yourself, from over exigency, think that you have to do it right the first time, but this helps you to try beforehand and give yourself the permission to learn from all the mistakes that come out of that experience "- Magdalena Muñoz, Director of Innovation and Studies of Ideas for Children Foundation.

Magdalena - Ideas for Children Foundation

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