Deprivation of liberty and social reintegration: the contribution of Colunga

March 15, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Poverty and vulnerability are areas in which Colunga has prioritized its support, and the social reintegration of people deprived of their freedom is one of the most relevant challenges to achieve greater inclusion in our society.

Through its Social Investment Fund and memberships for the ColungaHUB community, the foundation has supported various projects in this area, which have the common denominator of rescuing the dignity of people in this situation.

Know the projects:

Bridges of Creation

Itaca Foundation seeks to be a reference in the long-term work with young people in prison through different forms of artistic expression, form a support network that manages to link with young people and accompany them in their reintegration.

The Puentes de Creación project, supported by the Innovative Fund 2017 Colunga, seeks to reduce the impact of stigmatization on the identity of young offenders, and increase the involvement of young people deprived of liberty with themselves, their educators and their families, through of artistic creations.

Photo Itaca.

Woman's shelter house Get up

The Woman Foundation Get up is dedicated to protect, accompany and rehabilitate - socially and professionally - women who are deprived of their liberty for the first time, collaborating in the proper treatment of alternative measures to the imprisonment of first-time mothers, especially for those who are not from Santiago , preventing them from serving their sentence inside the prison when they have benefited from scheduled departures.

This organization has been supported by the Colunga Strengthening Fund, as well as being one of the organizations that are part of the ColungaHUB community.

Photo Woman Get up.

Support in the management model of Project B

Project B It works to generate a model of labor reintegration for adolescents lawbreakers served by Sename and Gendarmerie of Chile, through the creation of a sustainability strategy that ensures quality, learning and incidence. This organization was supported by Colunga through the Strengthening Fund, and they were also part of the ColungaHUB community. 

Socio-educational Support Newly. Challenges of education for social reinsertion

It is an educational reintegration initiative for young people with penalties for the Adolescent Criminal Responsibility Law, winner of the Colunga Strengthening Fund. The young people receive an individual accompaniment, which seeks to lift reparatory actions around the desertion processes of the formal education system. Tierra de Esperanza Foundation He works in the Biobío region with a motivational educational model and individual pedagogical accompaniment. Its design includes young people as subjects of rights.

Mandela Space

The first Mandela Space It was created in the Santiago Sur Preventive Detention Center, and aims to provide training, school leveling, psychosocial support and intra-prison work to people deprived of liberty, focused on multi-incidents, refractory and with no or minimal previous intervention.

Colunga decided to collaborate with this space, created in 2014 by the Invictus Foundation and the Technical Gendarmerie Area of Chile, because it provides concrete tools for social reintegration and currently has offices in Valparaíso, La Serena and Puerto Montt.

Photo of Gendarmería de Chile. Mandela space.

Reintegration study

Also, Colunga has collaborated with the study "Reinsertion, withdrawal and recidivism in women deprived of liberty in Chile", together with San Carlos de Maipo Foundation and the Center of Justice and Society of the Institute of Sociology UC.

This research is the first to address the situation from the female gender, with the aim of understanding the processes of reintegration of women deprived of their liberty. This study followed 225 women who graduated from the Women's Penitentiary Center of Santiago and the Talita Kum Study and Work Center, during their first year in liberty and recently they were announced first findings in relation to employment, family, housing, substance abuse and recidivism.

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