They present proposals to move towards a new deal for civil society organizations

March 29, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Last Friday, March 22, the study "A new deal for civil society organizations: Challenges and proposals" of Sociedad en Acción was presented. Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of the Colunga Foundation, participated in the advisory committee of the document.

The meeting organized by Sociedad en Acción, the UC Public Policy Center and the Chile + Hoy Foundation, included the participation of the Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, the Undersecretary of Social Evaluation, Alejandra Candia, public agencies and civil society.

The document "A new deal for civil society organizations: Challenges and proposals" consolidates a series of eleven proposals that aim to enhance collaboration between the State and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on issues of public interest, promoting spaces and mechanisms that recognize the contribution of these organizations and make the work more efficient between both actors.

Within the central axes, it seeks to promote trust and public faith in CSOs through more and better information, in addition to modernizing the process of transfer of resources from the State. With this, to simplify and equalize the conditions of organizations that work with the State to that of other actors in the private world or academia, to achieve greater effectiveness of the collaboration processes.

The document defines that it is key to establish the expectations, roles and responsibilities of the State and CSOs within the framework of collaboration. It highlights the need to develop a results evaluation system that allows CSOs to give an account of the impact their work has on society.

The study, which included the participation of Fundación Colunga as part of the advisory committee, is available on the platform of Society in Action and it can also be downloaded from our web.

Source: Society in Action.

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