Organizations of the ColungaHUB community carry out town hall

November 11, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

A space for containment and reflection was carried out by various organizations of the ColungaHUB community, to address the social crisis that our country is going through.

Representatives of America SolidariaEngineers Without Borders ChileMy Talents FoundationCourse AdviceEducation 2020Football MoreTrabünWildlabDiaperChildhood FirstMapocho FoundationCorporación Dolores Sopeña Y CIDENI.

In a group dynamic, they discussed how the current context questions them personally and professionally, in addition to the actions that may arise as a collective to transform environments in a positive way.

They agreed that this crisis creates an opportunity to encourage participation and articulation among community organizations, from which significant proposals may arise both for ColungaHUB, and for the territories where they intervene. Use the social capital of organizations to reach the bases and that those bases have a voice. The idea is to continue with the councils within the community to continue trying the collaboration, something very relevant in these moments when trust is very necessary.

Cabildos throughout Chile 

On the other hand, the collective National Social Unit, formed by 115 members, since October 24, it has been calling Open Cabildos, from Arica to Punta Arenas, with the objective of reflecting on the current moment of the country and combining the results in a national story that helps to move forward in overcoming the crisis. Who wants to participate, can enter this link and look for the closest assembly in your commune or city. However, anyone can call a council. Whether with your neighbors, friends, family or co-workers. For that you must write to email, sending the date and place of convocation, resolutions of the discussion and list of attendees.

Another innovation that emerged recently to support the citizen organization has been Geoconstituent, designed by a group of volunteer geographers, who have made available an online map that allows geolocation of the different calls that are being made, and those that have already been made, Throughout the national territory. The purpose of the platform is to order and link this dispersed information, which is voluntarily delivered by citizens for publication. It can be sent to email: or through the Instagram account @Geoconstituent.

Check the map here:

Undoubtedly, there are many other methodologies that are being consulted from various institutions, in order to emphasize dialogue and citizen participation. These are just a few.

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