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October 30, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Community of Solidarity Organizations, With the support of foundations and non-profit corporations throughout Chile, it has improved and perfected a unique online site to give visibility to the work of civil society. 

From now on it will be easier to find all the information about different organizations of the Civil Society. The website Browse Social aspires to become the most powerful input so that people, companies and the state can consult on the actions of foundations and non-profit corporations, as an online interactive directory.

This tool will supply little or no knowledge about Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in Chile, their task, impact and scope; will support smaller organizations that do not have the resources for large dissemination and visibility campaigns; and, finally, it will combine information that is atomized, facilitating its search for different purposes.

"Through NavegaSocial, we want to make visible horizontally all foundations and corporations in Chile, bringing the different sectors closer to their causes. In one place, we facilitate the interaction between organizations, and of them with citizens, the State and companies. Thus, while promoting transparency, it will become a powerful input for the development of future public policies and a reference for those who want to support social causes in general. That's why we aspire to reach the 14,000 corporations and foundations (*) that are part of the third sector, "he said. Alejandra Pizarro, Executive Director of the Community of Solidarity Organizations.

That nobody is missing 

The Community of Solidarity Organizations calls all foundations and corporations that work in Chile, whether they belong to the Community or not, to upload their projects to NavegaSocial, so that they become part of this transparent platform that is managed independently and independently.

It should be noted that during 2017 and 2018, NavegaSocial has financing from the European Union through the "Proyecto Asocia 2030" initiative (

(*) Study "Society in Action: Building Chile From Civil Society Organizations" 2017.

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