Women for gender equality in ColungaHUB

March 6, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

In our community ColungaHUB we are 44 civil society organizations that work to make a social change from different areas.

In this week where we commemorate the International Women's Day, we highlight those foundations that play for gender equality through education, the fight against violence against women, reduce the technological gap or the promotion of public policies. Know them:

Constanza Díaz from Technovation Chile; Alejandra Sepúlveda of ComunidadMujer; María José Guerrero from OCAC Chile and Emilia Vergara from Valientes Girls.

Brave Girls Foundation constructs educational intervention projects, from mental health prevention, with a gender perspective. It seeks to deliver emotional education tools to strengthen self-esteem and identity construction free of symbolic violence (gender stereotypes, gender roles, sexist advertising, among others).

To achieve social change, they intervene in the three levels of learning: parenting, formal education and mass communication. They actively work with advertising agencies, companies and brands, with training proposals to achieve socially responsible communication.

Executive director: Emilia Vergara

CommunityWomen is an independent and transversal organization that promotes women's rights and actively contributes to the generation of public policies for greater equality, equity and participation of women in the labor and political spheres.

This private, non-profit corporation develops programs that address leadership, training and mentoring for women. At the same time, it draws up proposals based on the generation of knowledge -studies and research- and advocacy actions with political and social actors.

Executive director: Alejandra Sepúlveda.

Observatory Against Street Harassment Chile (OCAC) seeks to contribute to the eradication of different types of sexual harassment in different spaces (labor, on-line, public spaces, educational), visibilizing and problematizing the issue as a manifestation of gender violence from a feminist analysis, promoting educational, political and legal actions at the national level.

This organization is born precisely by this citizen demand, so that the public space is a safe place, without sexual violence. Due to the expansion of citizen demand, OCAC responded to this and began to encompass the different expressions of sexual harassment.

Chairwoman: María José Guerrero.

Technovation Chile It was born with the purpose of promoting the interest of girls and adolescents for the development of new technologies and digital innovation. Through different instances of learning, participation and creation, and together with the support of entrepreneurs, mentors and teachers, they promote in girls and adolescents, in our country, the development of the necessary skills to grow and become tomorrow's leaders, getting involved and strengthening ties with their communities.

Executive director: Constanza Diaz.

Girls in Tech Chile is a non-profit organization that aims to identify, connect and give visibility to technology creators in Chile, turning them into sources of inspiration and specific knowledge for other women.

In order to carry out its mission, Girls in Tech Chile dedicates its first stage of work to identify women tech of the country, gathering them around common interests and positioning them as references for the following generations through appearances in media, mentoring and workshops.

Executive director: Maitetxu Larraechea.

Maitetxu Larraechea by Girls In Tech Chile.

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