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August 3, 2018
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From the protection and promotion of the rights of children and the integral development of children, to the eradication of child poverty in the Americas, are some of the focal points of the social organizations that Colunga has decided to support, through its Social Investment Fund and memberships for the ColungaHUB community.

ColungaHUB is a collaborative work platform that offers spaces, training, meetings and debates among various actors in civil society, academia, the public and private sectors. Currently the ColungaHUB community gathers more than 40 social organizations and has work spaces whose cost is partially subsidized by Colunga. For its part, the Colunga Social Investment Fund aims to strengthen the effectiveness of social initiatives through financing, technical advice and accompaniment. The postulable funds are awarded through open calls. Now him  Strengthening Fund Y ColungaHUB They are available for applications.

These are the 13 projects: 

America Solidaria works for a continent where there are no children living in poverty. They promote a network of volunteers working together with the communities to overcome child poverty in America. In addition to being one of the first members of the ColungaHUB community, they created an alliance with Colunga, which allowed the installation of their offices in at least three countries and the reconstruction of the "Escuela República de Chile" in the city of Port-au-Prince, between other collaborations

School of the Republic of Chile in Haiti.

From the academic and technical world came to ColungaHUB the Ibero-American Center for the Rights of the Child (CIDENI), institution whose mission is to contribute to the production and dissemination of original knowledge about the rights, development and public policies of childhood, to the transfer of methodologies and innovative experiences of social intervention in favor of childhood and continuing professional training or of postgraduate in strategic priority areas.

It has been more than 80 years City of the Child Foundation executes programs aimed at restoring and protecting the rights of children in vulnerable situations, supporting young people in conflict with the law in the fulfillment of their judicial sanctions and preventing and eradicating child labor. Colunga supports this foundation through the Strengthening Fund, with its latest project "Kelmy: an App for the social inclusion of migrant and refugee children".

Football Foundation More promotes resilience and happiness in children and adolescents living in contexts of social vulnerability. It is inserted in the heart of neighborhoods, working with two main actors: children and their communities. The Colunga Strengthening Fund gave them an opportunity to strengthen their model of international work, since they were able to settle in Peru and also implement their methodology in emergency in Ecuador, after the 2016 earthquake. They have been part of the ColungaHUB community for 5 years.

Photography Soccer More.

Foundation for Trust is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight against child sexual abuse, through the guidance and accompaniment of people who have been victims of sexual abuse during childhood, and the generation of prevention tools and strategies especially in the educational contexts and that work with children and young people. Thanks to the Colunga Strengthening Fund, they created the Observatory for Confidence, a citizen initiative that seeks to promote social control over public policies in charge of protecting children under the protection of the State.

Ideas for Children Foundation aims to generate and systematize avant-garde knowledge in human development sciences from an ecosystem approach and positive parenthood, to promote better conditions for the development of children, families and communities, especially those in conditions of greater biopsychosocial vulnerability. They were supported by the Innovative Fund of the Colunga Foundation in 2015, with their project "Odyssey: family reunification", and since that year they are part of the ColungaHUB community.

Foundation Childhood First The year 2014 arrived at ColungaHUB, when the project was in the process of gestation. They work to promote the integral development of children in vulnerable situations, through bonding and play. They are based on the theory of attachment and concepts arising from neuroscience. Together with Colunga, they created an alliance between 2014 and 2017 to promote the Crecer Jugando program, whose workshops promote a healthy and safe bond between the child and their caregiver.

Photography Childhood First.

Children's Foundation Chile arrived in 2018 at ColungaHUB, with a flag of struggle for the rights of children in the country. It is an organization designed to create social awareness, promote and claim the rights of children and their families, for the recovery of their dignity.

Also, this 2018, arrived Support Adoption Foundation a ColungaHUB. They want to make adoption visible as another way of making family. It seeks to involve different sectors of society to work together, and with the necessary urgency, to improve the reality of adoption in Chile, considering as a priority the best interests of the child.

Plant Future works with children and adolescents who live in the homes of the Sename network, supporting them in their training and preparing them for their independent lives. They want to sow in the children the conviction of being agents of change and protagonists of their future, so that they can develop their project of life in fullness. This dream is made from the cowork of ColungaHUB.

La Chimba Social Circus uses the circus as a pedagogical and community tool to promote the exercise of the rights of children and adolescents, and the recovery of public spaces. Winners of the 2017 Innovative Fund of Colunga. They are also part of the organizations supported by the Consolidation Program of the Social Innovation Laboratory of Colunga.

In Concepción, the work of Catim it focuses on the psychosocial approach to highly complex problems, with emphasis on the restitution of rights and the promotion of the well-being of children and their families. From 2015, Fundación Colunga makes an alliance with this organization to build the Model Center "Children, Youth and Family", which seeks to install in an innovative way preventive and reparative solutions for children, young people and families victims of serious abuse.

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