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July 13, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

Thanks to the Catalysis program of the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory, 15 organizations of the ColungaHUB community were trained in strategy and financing.

The talk was in charge of Andrés Baehr, Lawyer of the Catholic University, MBA of the University of Oxford and in charge of strategy and recruitment in Sudamerik. We talked with him to learn more about financing strategies:

How can financing be raised as rockstar?

Plan long-term and consider how you will diversify your financing and if there is the possibility of combining sales with donations, to have a more sustainable model.

Andrés Baehr

What is required to do long-term planning?

Basically you need to know what your goals are, where you want your organization to be in 5 more years, and what resources you will need for that.

The voices of the attendees

Gabriela Kreft of Foundation for a Career:

"It has been a very practical workshop. It has also been good to share with other organizations, to know more or less what they are doing. That Colunga can give us these tools and spaces, without having won any funds, a lot is appreciated ".

Eduardo Guzmán of Young Science:

"This serves to order, give a sense and rethink some things. This order and this strategy that one can achieve thanks to this type of workshops is super useful and super valuable, because financing is fundamental for all of us ".

Ignacia Donoso of Movidos x Chile:

"It is very interesting and useful especially for organizations that are just starting out, and where these clarities are not suddenly or where it is difficult to visualize which is your product to sell when in reality you are a social organization".

Álvaro Castro of Local Footprint:

"I thought it was a great workshop, not only because of the knowledge, but because you review your model, review how you are financing the foundation."

Igor Arratia of Corporación Dolores Sopeña:

"It has been a great clarifier, it has opened other possibilities for me that we can start working on already in the corporation."

About the Catalyst program

The Colunga Laboratory Catalytic Program focuses on the transfer and application of tools for innovation, advocacy and bringing together technologies that contribute to the development of skills in civil society organizations.

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