The importance of comprehensive support for civil society

February 13, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

There are several challenges in relation to the financing that social organizations need to survive, but there are also fundamental supports that strengthen the third sector. That is why we highlight the support of the funds that Colunga makes available to civil society, since it not only implies financial support, but also provides technical advice and support.

How is that advice and support?

The accompaniment of Social Development Program Colunga Foundation allows supported organizations, improve the quality of your projects, reviewing their designs, improving processes and thus amplifying the impact of interventions. “It is a space to strategically look at the projects we are supporting. A space where we can also observe the faults. And organizations and teams can propose improvements and adjustments to advance the quality of initiatives, ”he says. Paulina Rojas, Director of the Social Development Program.

The process

Once the support is established, a work and monitoring plan is created, with objectives and indicators, which allow Colunga to observe the achievement of the results. In the three-year monitoring, relevant issues are addressed in relation to the effectiveness of the project: intervention model, teamwork, sustainability, among others. Throughout the process the “4 i” (innovation, interconnection, advocacy and inclusion) permanently, as they guide the accompaniment work. And the observation of the fault is of great relevance, because everything that they failed to do, which became a knot to be solved, is what generates the power in innovation. On these failures organizations innovate and improve their programs.


Trinidad Avaria, Executive Director of House of the Meeting, a project supported by the 2018 Colunga Strengthening Fund, gives its opinion on the accompaniment of this last year: “Colunga has supported our project in a very professional way, it has accompanied us valuing our way of doing things, which has allowed us to have More confidence and dare to grow, has connected the House of Encounter with other organizations and financiers who work with children from a similar ethic. We are happy and grateful for what has been this year of working with Colunga. ”

Photo: Meeting House

While Raimundo Valdés, Coordinator of the El Barrio de Mi Barrio program, of the Football Foundation More, a project also supported by the 2018 Strengthening Fund, highlights the potential of Colunga's accompaniment: “Colunga's contribution has been key, on the one hand, the fund has allowed us to pilot, validate and evaluate an innovative intervention model, which It allows us to approach a product with a high probability of success in its intervention and thus be able to scale the model to many other places. On the other hand, the accompaniment has been fair and necessary, where together we have been discussing and refining details to reach the best possible program. ”

Photo: Football More

In March, Fundación Colunga will open the call to the fund #ColungaTransforma 2020. We invite you to be aware of the web and social networks to know the bases and dates of application. 

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