The artistic commitment of Fundación Colunga

October 25, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

On November 8 the foundation together with Urban art, cultural management group, will inaugurate the first exhibition of the new art room of ColungaHUB called Cable al Arte.

Work of Paulo Toledo

Cable al Arte has been defined as an artistic space with a social foundation, where different expressions can be found and problems of today's society can be highlighted.

"For ColungaHUB it is very important to have a space for art, because art helps us to get out of our routine, to open our minds, our hearts, to feel and think differently, and that there come out the great transformative proposals for society" , said Fe Sánchez, Director of ColungaHUB.

The first show, to open the day Wednesday, November 8, will feature the colorful paintings that make up the exhibition "Migrar" by the visual artist Paulo Toledo.  

The circular support paintings rescue the carnivalesque joy that our Latin American continent possesses, and are related to the phenomenon of migration and its effects.

We invite you to the inauguration of Cable al Arte starting at 6:30 p.m. at ColungaHUB (Av. Bustamante # 26, Providencia). Entry released.

About ColungaHUB

ColungaHUB it is an initiative of Colunga Foundation, which was born in 2014 as a platform for the development of social organizations that currently houses more than 30 foundations. The 7-story building is located in the heart of the city, and has cowork spaces, offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms and activity rooms, which encourage meetings, innovation and the dissemination of successful results.

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