Together we are going to get ahead and overcome the Coronavirus crisis!

March 30, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

Dear friends, collaborators and allies,


After a few weeks that have paralyzed the world and our country, we want to write to you to wish you that in these times of changes and challenges, you are well with your loved ones and work teams. These are difficult and complex times, we are living an unprecedented health and social situation that shows us the extreme fragility of our way of life. 

We know that the next few weeks will be difficult for all of our communities and families, especially for our older adults. But we also know that this period will be extremely complex for children living in the most vulnerable sectors. The isolation, natural tension, nervousness of their adult caregivers and overcrowding are factors that make their living conditions even more difficult, which were complex and precarious before this crisis.

That is why, on behalf of Colunga, we reiterate today our commitment to that million children in poverty in our country. We need as a community to be present at this time, and to accompany families in the challenge of raising in this context of crisis. We are convinced that today more than ever the efforts to build a better future for future generations are worthwhile, and we trust that, if we stay together and collaborate, we will all come out stronger from this crisis and will be able to continue working with hope and strength. for a fairer society.

Thanks to everyone, we will continue together to transform. 


Arturo Celedón

Executive Director

Colunga Foundation


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