Start the training process for winning organizations of the Colunga Strengthening Fund

July 1, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Until the year 2021 the organizations will be supported by the Center for Social Innovation of Colunga through training in content such as theory of change, design of business model and definition of indicators, among others.

The organizations that were selected by the Colunga 2018 Strengthening Fund: Teaching Impulse; Ideas for childhood Foundation; Santa Ana Foundation; Football Foundation More; Tierra de Esperanza Foundation Y Súmate Foundation, they started the initial workshop, taught by Balloon Latam, focused on the theory of change.

"The objective is for organizations to begin to really think about who their beneficiary is and to explain who they believe is having an impact. It is a first way to start measuring ", highlights Claudia Chiang, Research Director of Balloon Latam and responsible for conducting the workshop. 

During 2019, in addition to the workshops, personalized consultancies will be delivered for each organization, to guide them in the implementation of the learning of each meeting.

The voices of organizations

From Tierra Esperanza Foundation, Guillermo Cid highlights the possibility of generating new forms of work in your organization: "It is a very important challenge because the team as a whole is made up of education professionals and we did not know how to measure or make an intervention with them. Through the training we have received from Colunga, we have been learning new terms, also new ways of working and measuring the impact that we intend to generate with our young people. "

"We are infinitely grateful, very motivated and eager to take this process forward. Very surprised because it has been a process in which Colunga has adapted to the reality of our program, rather than requiring us to adapt ourselves to them. We have been working for five years, we have a journey, but Colunga has given us the space to stop and evaluate, accompanied by people who have a lot of experience and have opened our eyes to things that perhaps we had not even thought about or known, "he says. Trinidad Avaria of the Santa Ana Foundation.

Isidora Araya, of Súmate Foundation, meanwhile, highlights: "We are very happy to participate in this training instance that Colunga offers us. Happy to have different tools and other views of social innovation, engineering, for example, to better trigger our action and projects. Our expectation is to improve the initiative and achieve the goals we set ourselves with our young people who have been outside the school system. "

It matches César Lucio of Fundación Fútbol Más in the possibility of generating greater learning: "We mainly hope to have more tools, especially in evaluation issues, because it is difficult to quantify the most social dimensions, to pass it on to something more measurable. That is the main challenge we have now. " 

The Center for Social Innovation of Colunga seeks to contribute to the development of civil society organizations that lead innovative and high impact initiatives, promoting learning and experimentation, and thus support in the improvement of their social interventions.

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