Human Development Report 2019 and inequalities in the 21st century

December 27, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) presented its annual report on human development, in which they point out that, despite unprecedented advances against poverty, hunger and disease, systemic inequalities are deeply damaging our society.

“The problem lies in the unequal distribution of wealth and power, the entrenched social and political norms that are pushing people into the streets of towns and cities around the world, and the triggers for which they will continue to do so in the future, unless something changes, ”he said Achim Steiner, Administrator of UNDP, during the opening speech of the launch of the report in Bogotá.

According to “Human Development Report 2019”, a new generation of inequalities is emerging around the education, and in relation to the technology and the climate change. Therefore, a new gap has been opened in the field of higher education and access to broadband, opportunities that were once considered a luxury and that today are crucial for competing and gaining a foothold in society.

“Progress is putting aside some of the most vulnerable people, even those who suffer the most extreme deprivation; in fact, the world is not walking the path that would allow eradication by 2030, as required by Sustainable Development Goals”, Points out the text.

What are the recommendations of UNDP?

  • Dissociate the political power from the economic one and create equitable conditions in the economy.
  • Continue working to close the gaps in basic deprivations and build policies to combat the new generation of inequalities in human development, currently on the rise.

“Under the shadow of deep technological change and the climate crisis, the inequalities of human development damage societies Y weaken social cohesion Y the trust of the population in governments, institutions and their peers. Most of them deteriorate economies by preventing people from reaching their full potential in their personal and professional lives, ”the report highlights. 

Undoubtedly a huge challenge to achieve true sustainable development, where everyone is included, where everyone can access the same opportunities. If we work together and with awareness of the urgency of the task, we can achieve it.

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