Impulso Teaching is played with "Mentors for Chile"

February 1, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The winning project of the Colunga Strengthening Fund aims to improve teachers' classroom management strategies, in order to enhance student learning.

Teacher Impulse Foundation work so that one day, all children in Chile receive quality education How do they do it? They support management teams in the implementation of observation systems and teacher feedback in their schools, to promote the maximum potential of their teachers.

The "Mentors for Chile" project, one of the winners of the Colunga Strengthening Fund, will take care of the mentor deficit for the implementation of the National Induction System. This system seeks for each novice teacher to have a more experienced teacher at his / her school to accompany him during his / her first year. The problem is that there is a deficit of 3,000 mentors who support teachers in the country.

"We are developing a blended version of the mentor training course, which we have been doing four years ago in schools. This will allow us to train them in different places in Chile, in a scalable way and certified by the Ministry of Education ", highlights Bernardita Yuraszeck, Executive Director of Teaching Impulse. 

With the Colunga Strengthening Fund, which will support the implementation of the project for up to three years, Impulso Docente will make the adjustments of its current mentoring course to one that relies on technological supports to train in different corners of the country.

"We trust a lot in the expertise of Colunga in making projects grow. For us it is a tremendous boost and a guarantee to be with them, because we know that we can turn to Colunga's mentors when making certain key decisions. In addition, it challenges us to meet the milestones with which we are committed, and that also commands us ", concludes Bernadette.

The "Mentors for Chile" pilot will be developed in the regions of Valparaíso, Metropolitana, Maule and Biobío, in its initial period.

It is not the first time that Colunga supports Impulso Docente, in 2016 they were winners of the Colunga Innovative Fund "Emprende El Viaje", where they managed to pilot the advice to managers in municipal and regional schools.

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