Generation of outstanding young people

January 22, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

With joy, enthusiasm and great aspirations, the sixth generation of young people trained by the Talent Development School (EDT), an initiative of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile that was supported by the 2018 Colunga Foundation Strengthening Fund.

In a ceremony held in the Aula Magna of the Faculty, 48 outstanding young people from technical-professional high schools celebrated the completion of two demanding years of preparation and tutoring, which will allow them to continue their higher education.

The program seeks to provide quality training for talented young people in educational establishments with a high vulnerability index, allowing them to opt for a higher education of excellence, without access to opportunities being hindered by the lack of economic means.

Likewise, those students who continue in higher education continue to receive academic and social support during their first years, with the aim of ensuring a successful transition between college and university, and ensuring their permanence until their professional aspirations are fulfilled.

The economist Joseph Ramos, founder of the initiative, former dean of the Faculty, and current Vice President of the National Productivity Commission, made a diagnosis after these six years of program: “In the EDT the impossible becomes possible. It seemed crazy to expect teenagers from technical schools to sacrifice 17 hours a week to attend leveling classes at the Faculty of Economics, with a view to being able to enter the university. Well, it happens! and 80% of those who enter EDT graduate; and of those who graduate, 75% are in universities of excellence"

In addition, he highlighted the first generation of graduates, of which several already have professional degrees, and even, some are currently studying master.

Meanwhile, Gladys Ahumada, Executive Director of the EDT, recognized the importance that Colunga has had in this process: "The support not only economic, but also the feedback delivered by the foundation, has allowed us to project ourselves into the future and reflect on the path we want to follow as a program."

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