Fundación Infancia Chile, Sembrar Futuro and Unes Chile arrive at ColungaHUB

May 30, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

ColungaHUB is a collaborative work platform that offers spaces, training, meetings and debates among diverse actors of civil society, academia, the public and private sectors. It currently houses 38 foundations and each day adds new members to the network.

"We were looking for a space where we could develop and the San Carlos de Maipo Foundation recommended us to come to Colunga. The atmosphere has been very pleasant, very welcoming. We have high expectations of continuing to grow and we know that we are going to achieve it here, "he says. Nathalie Oyarce, President of Fundación Infancia Chile.

Nathalie Oyarce and Edison Gallardo

"We are very happy. There is a lot to learn, a lot in what the organizations that are here can help us, because we are still very new. I think that Colunga delivers a super important network to work together ", highlights Darío Ovalle, Executive Director of Sembrar Futuro.

Ángeles Urzúa, Darío Ovalle and Antonia Vilaplana

From Unes Chile they also stressed the importance of the synergies that can be generated in the community. "We are a new foundation and we have a lot to learn. We saw in ColungaHUB the possibility of exchanging knowledge, and be able to bring new ideas and projects to our Region (O'Higgins) ", comments Vilma Cabezas, Executive Director of the Unes Chile Foundation.

Team Unes Chile

Meet the new organizations of ColungaHUB:

Children's Foundation Chile

Non-profit organization, designed to create social awareness, promote and claim the rights of children and their families, for the recovery of their dignity.

Location: Cowork white, floor 2

Sembrar Futuro Foundation

They work with children and adolescents who live in homes of the Sename network, so that they can be agents of change in their own lives.

Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Unes Chile Foundation

Foundation of social education, whose main objective is to educate with excellence, young people who for different reasons did not complete their basic and secondary education, through education programs for work.

Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Woman get up

The organization that promotes the dignity of women deprived of liberty and works to restore their rights as people, has once again become part of the ColungaHUB community.

Location: Office floor 2

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