Strengthening Fund Colunga already has winners in its national call

December 12, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Colunga Strengthening Fund seeks to support civil society organizations to improve the quality of their initiatives. After an arduous evaluation process, four initiatives were selected by this fund.

The national call for the Strengthening Fund brought together 106 transformative projects, of which three were chosen to be part of the Colunga Network, receive financial support, support and training in the process of implementing their project.

Meet the organizations that will be supported by the Colunga Foundation for a period of up to 3 years: 

Teaching Impulse

This foundation works so that one day, all children in Chile receive quality education. They support management teams in the implementation of observation systems and teacher feedback in their schools, to promote the maximum potential of their teachers.

Project "Mentors for Chile": Development and implementation of mentoring for educational establishments, which allow teachers to improve classroom management strategies to enhance student learning.

Ideas for childhood Foundation

This organization seeks to contribute to the strengthening of good practices of professional teams that work with and for children, adolescents and families at the national and international level, designing and transferring strategies to provide greater opportunities in family care, based on sensitive services , effective and of quality that promote positive parenthood and the integral development of childhood and adolescence.

Project "Integral System of Evaluation of Parental Practices": Its value proposition focuses on the development and strengthening of validated and integrated instruments, to guide the family intervention carried out by the professional teams of the SENAME residences, in the perspective that this intervention is more relevant and in less time.

Santa Ana Foundation

This foundation has the vision to work for the construction of a more just and egalitarian society for all people, in which differences and particularities are recognized as valuable attributes that enrich experiences and relationships.

They offer social spaces that promote the development of children and women through various programs.

"Casa del Encuentro" Project: Protected space for the work of links, socialization and early separation between children and their caregivers.

Football Foundation More

This organization has the objective of promoting resilience and happiness in children and adolescents living in contexts of social vulnerability. They are inserted in the heart of neighborhoods, working with two main actors: children and their communities. They promote resources in girls and boys, using football as a tool to develop skills they can use in all areas of their lives and, above all, be happy.

Project "The Party of my Neighborhood": Its value proposition points to the development of girls and boys in the neighborhood as an axis to promote participation and community life.

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