Focus on Paz Benegas, Coordinator of Social Navigation

April 3, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"We want people to come to the causes"

How did you get to the social world?

I am a contemporary dancer, I spent 5 years in Argentina studying dance and when I returned to Chile I knew that I wanted to look for something in this area. Before I studied two years of psychology, but I was always interested in this world and I asked myself what I could contribute. When I saw that a position was opened in the Community of Solidarity Organizations, I applied and I loved the challenge. For 11 months I have been in the Community of Solidarity Organizations as Coordinator of Social Navigation, in Communications of Moved By Chile and in the area of Community Networks.

What do you think is the contribution of Browse Social?

What the platform itself seeks is the visibility of civil society organizations, and since the information gathered in the same place can be, for example, for the State, a source of information for the design and creation of policies public. At the local level we are interested in making territorial decisions taking into account what the organizations in that particular territory do, to work together and not duplicate efforts with the municipality and other interventions. And at the level of citizenship we want all organizations to have the opportunity to make themselves known, and that people approach the causes.


What has it been like to work at ColungaHUB?

I love being here because there is a lot of good vibes and the community really comes up, we meet in common spaces, we are greeted, for example if I need to talk with an organization or I need to know about a particular topic I go and meet with people that could help me I have realized that everyone can contribute in different areas and the good thing is that we are very supportive.

What is your opinion about the Cable room to the Art of ColungaHUB?

I think art is transversal and what it does is relate from another point of view the things that happen to us in society. It seems to me that the social world with art is nourished. In fact, in January we were in the Museum of Visual Arts (MAVI) with an exhibition of photos with the work done by the organizations of the Community of Solidarity Organizations.

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