Focus on: Vicente Viel, Executive Director of Fundación Momart

August 16, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

“It's exciting to be at the epicenter of social change”

Co-building innovative pedagogical methodologies through physical activity and play is the goal of the Momart Foundation. We talked with Vicente Viel, its Executive Director, about his work.

How did you get to civil society?

From the university, I began to link with different social and volunteer projects. I had the opportunity to see different realities in Chile and abroad. I met many people who wanted to impact society and work on initiatives that soaked me with a feeling of co-responsibility for the inequality that exists in so many edges of our country. And, in particular, in something as fundamental as education.

As an engineer, I felt that the career's social potential was not being removed. It didn't make sense to work for something that wasn't generating changes in society. I was delighted by social projects and, fortunately, I was lucky to support the birth of Momart, who has the potential to rethink the way to learn, and that makes me very excited.

What is the organization currently working on?

We are carrying out the first pilot of our model in two schools in Vallenar. With them, we work to create methodologies that allow us to combine the learning of Mathematics with Physical Education, in order to increase the motivation of students in a subject that, in general, is super divisive. "I do not serve for Mathematics," "I have never liked them and in my career I will never use them," "boys are better for Mathematics than girls," and others are part of the many things we have heard.

It is shown that, if we involve the movement of the body when learning, that process is more effective. And if we teach Mathematics in a playful way, we can break down those barriers that prevent students from having a much more enriching experience.

What is your biggest challenge?

We are just leaving. The most complicated thing has been to order the work in the future and lay the foundations of a project that has to show good results in order to take off. This has required learning a lot. Consciously work our theory of change, our indicators, and where we will impact. The next challenge will be to co-design effectively with the schools, taking into account the specific diagnosis they have of their students and how we can take advantage of this platform to approach them to Mathematics in a different way.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

Being in a place where things happen, where many people have the same conviction that you have to change reality, and where you have the support of organizations that had to go through things very similar to one and that can help you out, It is invaluable.

It is exciting to be at the epicenter of social change. Every day allows you to know different projects, diagnoses, references and ways of working that give a greater perspective to the work we do from each of our organizations. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this community, and we look forward to giving back all that it means to our growth to others.

What results do you hope to achieve with ColungaHUB?

Take off. To do things well in order to gain confidence, have results that we can go out to show the country, and show that we have to update the way it is taught. We hope to get out of the shell little by little and start empowering ourselves with so many other projects that, within this same building, are working every day to improve education in the country.

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