Focus on: Marta Ibacache, Executive Director of Abrazarte Foundation

December 26, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"ColungaHUB is an ideal place to cope with our projects and generate new ideas for the development of the country"

We talked with Marta Ibacache, who explained to us what are the new purposes that she is carrying out together with Abrazarte Foundation, among which the creation of a new school aimed at vulnerable young people, which will provide basic services for their development.

How did you get to civil society?

I am a social worker, so I was always motivated by NGOs. I started doing my professional practice in Country Service, then I was territorial head of the same entity and now I have been with the Abrazarte Foundation for 8 years. I came to Abrazarte because they needed a social worker who could professionalize the work that was being done with teenagers and young people on the street, which motivated me a lot, since there was no other professional; there was only the founder and some volunteers. It has been a path of 8 years of growth, learning and unthinkable challenges that have cultivated me in the human and professional. In addition, I believe that street teenagers are a very forgotten group of attention and support.

What is the organization currently working on?

We work directly with teenagers and young people in street situations. We have a program of psychosocial support and leveling studies in Santiago Centro, and another group of adolescents who are in a shelter in the commune of La Reina. We are also moving forward in a project called Holistic School Abrazarte, which will be ready by 2019 and includes a day center with education, workshops, mental health, sports and spiritual support.

Photo: Abrazarte

What is your biggest challenge?

That young people on the street have real opportunities. In addition, to have the funding for the Holistic School Abrazarte, which is a project in a field delivered by the Ministry of National Assets, by concession of 20 years, located inside the Quinta Normal. In this area, in collaboration with Desafío Levantemos Chile and Empresa Inmobilia, a day center will be built where adolescents and young people will be able to receive shower and laundry services, as well as food and leveling of basic and media studies, sports workshops and Psychological Support.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

Of the best. It is a wonderful place to start and grow, as well as being a very valuable human group. My experience at the HUB has been a great boost in our work and challenges as a foundation. We are in a constant flow of communication, training and movement. ColungaHUB is an ideal place to cope with our projects and generate new ideas for the development of the country.

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