Focus on: Francisca Egaña, Executive Director of Fundación Lealtad Chile

September 3, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"Being part of ColungaHUB is a tremendous opportunity to generate synergies and collaboration spaces"

How did you get to civil society?

I have arrived in different ways and places. I grew up in a family in which social justice and contributing to reduce inequalities were central, and I learned how each one participated from his style. From there, in school, I got involved in different social projects that sought to generate real impact in vulnerable communities. After that experience, I wanted to study a career that would give me more tools to continue working in the social, and I chose psychology, which I was complementing with clinical practice. Shortly after graduating, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the founders of Fundación Portas, where I was able to design and develop their program, and years later lead the organization. Little by little I felt like knowing other initiatives, learning from and with others, and contributing to the strengthening of the sector, which is why I joined the Public Policy Commission of the COS and I was a councilor of donations for social purposes. After this, I came to Chile Loyalty to install the project in the country, a spectacular experience to meet many civil society organizations with precious projects, and to collaborate in strengthening us, society trust us and increase the impact of our sector.

What is Lealtad Chile currently working on?

We are promoting that society, especially donors, trust social organizations. For that, we work in two foci: One of them, is with civil society organizations, through two instances. In the first one, we facilitate that they strengthen their management practices and transparency, through training in which they perform a self-diagnosis and improvement plan, and then we accompany them in their implementation. In the second instance, we reveal their management practices through the voluntary analysis of nine standards of transparency and good practices that, ultimately, is the realization of a report that provides verifiable and comparable information of the organization; an X-ray of your current situation. This analysis follows international standards that were adapted to the Chilean reality.
The second focus, which we are developing a few months ago, is with the donors. With them, we encourage them to make informed donations and use our model to meet social organizations that comply with their donation policy.
In a complementary and transversal manner, we are disseminating our work and highlighting the importance of generating trust and managing social organizations in a transparent manner.

Foundation Lealtad Chile Workshop

What is your biggest challenge?

We are working so that civil society organizations and donors trust our model and begin to use it, in order to generate greater trust between both sectors and society as a whole.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

Being part of ColungaHUB is a tremendous opportunity to generate synergies and collaborative spaces between organizations that deal with very different topics, which has a high social impact. It is wonderful that in the HUB we can converge organizations that work in strengthening the sector together with other organizations that work directly. At Loyalty Chile, we are grateful to be part of the HUB. It has allowed us to make our proposal known, to work with network organizations and to be part of a collaborative community, to make our country a more just and trustworthy territory.

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