Focus on: Alejandra Arratia, Executive Director of Education 2020

August 21, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

“We value the shared vision in ColungaHUB regarding the role we have as civil society to build a country”

Education 2020 emerged in 2008 as a citizen movement to improve the quality and access to the education system in Chile. Today, turned into an organization, it seeks to achieve a more humane and just society through quality, equitable and inclusive education. We talked with Alejandra Arratia, its Executive Director, who tells us about the development of this organization.

How did you get to civil society?

In different ways. Being part of organizations, as now, and from working in the State, where I had the opportunity to work on public issues with various civil society organizations. I am pleased to be part of Education 2020 and now also to be part of ColungaHUB.

What is the organization currently working on?

We work directly with educational communities. Also investigating and monitoring laws, and in collaborative networks with other organizations in the country and the continent, such as Acción Collective and REDUCA. We promote the articulation of different actors of civil society, educational communities, private world and others, to ensure that in Chile all and all students have access to the education system and are guaranteed the right to learn with quality. One of our purposes is that the training experience allows them to develop competencies to be citizens protagonists of their history and the construction of their environment.

What is your biggest challenge?

Phew! Many (laughs). One of the main ones is to convene a great country agreement to ensure that students learn with meaning, relevance and, fundamentally, with quality. This requires wills, convening and long-term State policies, private world efforts, and the sustainability of the organizations that work for this objective.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

We are simply happy! It has been fantastic, mainly because of the spirit of collaboration and joint work that is lived in the ColungaHUB. There is a shared vision regarding the role we have as a civil society in making a difference, transforming our society and building the country we want among all.

What results do you hope to achieve with ColungaHUB?

We hope to continue fulfilling the objectives we have with Chilean education as a foundation and synergize with other organizations of ColungaHUB, to work harder on issues such as inclusion, children's rights, overcoming gender gaps and inequality.

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