Successful Pre-Consolidation Day for the 2017 Journey Comes to a Close

December 20, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The selected organizations must renew their projects after an intense learning trip next to the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory.

Jornada Pre-Consolidación Emprende El Viaje 2017  Los seleccionados de la convocatoria del Fondo Innovadores 2017 de Colunga recibieron herramientas de innovación social junto al Laboratorio de Colunga

"They have been intense, surprising and energizing days. Having been in this process helped us a lot because it opens your eyes. One is fond of their ideas and continues to do the same, but this made us incorporate important actors that we had not heard and that is very valuable, "says Alejandra Michelsen from Ithaca Foundation, one of the organizations selected from the call Start the Journey of the Colunga Foundation.

The selected projects had an intensive workshop with the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory, which on this occasion formed an alliance with the impact and research laboratory, Yuken, for the transfer of social innovation tools.

"The experience has been quite transformative. The invitation to this process was to let go of the mind that is always wanting to solve and go out into the street, to talk with people who really live in environments of pain or in the problem that we have been diagnosed with. The tutors have been incredible and the learning community that has been formed here also ", says Roque Saenz from Cultural and Sports Social Center Huerta Huerta.

On the other hand, Benjamín Rodríguez from Formando Chile Corporation highlights the importance of leaving pre-conceived ideas to be able to learn. "When we arrived we understood that it was going to be very intense, that it was going to be a very important learning opportunity. At first we tried not to give up on what we were doing now and then with the advice we were given we realized that we had to give everything to deepen the problem we were pursuing, and we were pleasantly surprised. "

Now the organizations must submit their reformulated projects to be evaluated, after that, the organizations that will have the possibility of presenting themselves before an Investment Board will be selected, which will determine who will be awarded the Emprende El Viaje funds.

Next dates of the call:

Reformulation of projects

December 26, 2017

Selection of Investment Table

January 5, 2018

Investment table and election of winners

January 12, 2018

Home Consolidation Program

April 2018


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