Esperanza Cueto is awarded by The Inter-American Dialogue

October 30, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

As part of the Leadership Awards for the Americas gala, organized by The Inter-American Dialogue, the President of Fundación Colunga and Co-founder of CommunityWomen She was recognized for her exceptional work in gender equity.

The Inter-American Dialogue it is a center for the analysis of public policies, exchange, and communication in matters of the Western Hemisphere, and every year recognizes people whose work and broad trajectory allows the advancement of democracy, social equity and prosperity in that hemisphere.

At the gala, held in Washington DC, United States, Esperanza Cueto was awarded for her work with a focus on promoting greater participation of women in senior positions, leadership and decision-making spaces, both in the public and private sectors of Chile.

"I want to thank Inter-American for giving me this award. It is a great honor (...) What has been achieved in these first 16 years of ComunidadMujer has been the product of a collective effort and work, "said Esperanza Cueto. And he dedicated this recognition to all women. "I have always believed in the power of the community to tear down walls, in the value of plural perseverance over personal adventures. That's why I want to share this award with all these women: those who came before and those who continue to push changes and transform our history. "

Esperanza Cueto also made a call to act quickly for the new generations, an action where civil society plays a fundamental role. In that sense, he dedicated words to Colunga Foundation and its work to strengthen those who are working in Chile and Latin America with the most vulnerable.

"Through a social impact fund and in partnership with the public sector, academia and the private world, Colunga is generating capacities and opportunities for civil society organizations. And through them, promoting effective changes for children and adolescents. That is to say, we are investing in the future, with a social impact and favoring a collective perspective, "stressed Esperanza.

This year they were also recognized Daniel Servitje, President and Executive Director of Bimbo group, with the prize for corporate social responsibility and the Spanish poet, Richard Blanco, for its outstanding cultural contribution.


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