Talent Development School of the University of Chile graduates its fourth generation

December 14, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The program supported by the Colunga Strengthening Fund seeks to identify talented young people from educational establishments with high vulnerability index, to support them in an intense program during their III and IV school years.

53 students completed a two-year process in the School of Talent Development (EDT) of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile, where they were able to develop skills that allow them to access and cope with excellence all the demands and challenges of the university .

"The EDT is an experience that changes lives, that makes you see new horizons", commented Matías Mejías, one of the graduates of the School of Talents. While Constance Avalos, also a graduate, highlighted the value of the support received. "During these two years we have lived many experiences, we have changed and we have overcome. When leaving these classrooms we are at the height of any student in the country, regardless of the social and economic difference that exists, "he said.

Matthias and Constance

Since the EDT thanked the support of Colunga since 2015 for the implementation of the project. "Colunga is one of the oldest collaborators and in that sense it has been fundamental for this initiative to continue to exist. Without the support we would not have had the excellent teachers we have or the technology we need for learning, "he said. Gladys Ahumada, Executive Director of the EDT.

The graduated students will have support in academic and psychological reinforcement during their university stage.  

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