Interview with Pablo Ceriani

January 20, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

“Migration processes generally force children to seek a new opportunity to protect their rights,” said the Director of the Specialization in Migration and Asylum from a Human Rights perspective of the National University of Lanús of Argentina, Pablo Ceriani

The also consultant of UNICEF On issues related to the rights of children and adolescents in the context of migration, he is visiting Chile in the framework of the development of the Interdisciplinary Course on Deepening of Children's Rights of Justice and Society Studies Center of the Catholic University.

In an interview with Fundación Colunga, he explained the current scenario in South America and the importance of having public policies with an integral focus, which allows migrants to join the communities where they live.

"In some ways it is a region that has developed important standards, initiatives for the protection of their rights, but at the same time presents important challenges." 

"Leaving behind a part of the population because of their place of origin or lack of documentation, is somehow putting obstacles to the development of an entire community."


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