The Party of my Neighborhood: the Soccer project More that seeks to reinforce community participation

March 4, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The project supported by the Colunga 2018 Strengthening Fund seeks to strengthen community cohesion and coexistence, for the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents.

"The Party of my Neighborhood" is born from the need to Football More to support organizations that are already developing actions for children in their territory. "The idea is that from our experience of 10 years working with sport for development and childhood, we can support them to give more depth to their actions and that can sustain them over time," says Daniela Noreña, Coordinator of Methodology and Pedagogical Football Innovation More.

Not all of these sports activities that they are doing for children must necessarily be football, that is a change that they recently incorporated into Fútbol Más. "There are a lot of organizations in Chile that already do things, then we realized that we do not necessarily have to get to implement something from scratch, but focus on accompanying them, "says Daniela.

The pilot of "The Party of my Neighborhood" was held in Huechuraba, for 6 months, together with the initiative of the Government Laboratory, "Impacta Security", during the year 2017. However, for the application of the Colunga Strengthening Fund, they incorporated some innovations.

Playful and technological component

They built a game board so that organizations can work their internal management in a playful way. They also created a web platform where organizations can manage their own projects, generate statistics of children's participation, see the challenges they have as a community and access to new ideas for community actions, among others. 

"We want to generate a project that is lighter, transferable, with very concrete components, so that the organizations can use the methodology of Fútbol Más with their own communities," he says. Raimundo Barros, Executive of the Zona Centro de Fútbol Más.

The support of Colunga

Thanks to Strengthening Fund Colunga will accompany, for two years, four organizations of the communes of Huechuraba and Renca. "The idea is that they can also generate ties with the municipalities, so they can have access to the offers of the commune and the possibility of applying to projects," says Raimundo.

"With the Strengthening Fund, we seek, as its name says, to strengthen this new programmatic line of Fútbol Más. To know that this can get much easier to other municipalities. And on the other hand resignify the functional organizations that exist today and work with them ", concludes Daniela.

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