"The model of social intervention serves to order, give form and body to the intervention"

June 7, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

Within the framework of the Consolidation process together with Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory, the organizations supported by the Innovative Fund worked on their models of social intervention together with the Doctor in Social Work, Karla González, of the Catholic University.

"The model of social intervention serves to order, give form and body to the intervention. It serves to check how you are going to achieve the goal of your project. Based on the model, a manual can be generated so that the intervention can be replicated, "says Karla González.

The Doctor in Social Work recommends, to put together a model of social intervention, to have a clear theory of change, to review the evidence, to establish the objectives of the intervention and to build a strategy aimed at achieving these objectives.

The process of Consolidation of the Laboratory of Social Innovation of Colunga seeks to strengthen and support teams in the development of their projects. It currently supports the 7 social organizations, winners of the 2017 Innovative Fund of the Colunga Foundation: Creando Curiosos Foundation, Itaca Foundation, Mapuche NGO NEWEN, Game Observatory, Los Volantines Sports and Cultural Club, ACTO Foundation and Huerta a Huerta Organization, and organizations of the Red Colunga. 

"I think all the projects are super powerful, they have very interesting objectives and innovative strategies. They have grown a lot, every month they have been moving forward and they are taking substantive steps, "says Karla González.

The next workshops of the Colunga Innovation Laboratory will focus on Business Models, Communications and Stakeholders.

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