Director of Fútbol Más receives award from The Global Good Fund for its social impact

May 14, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Víctor Gutiérrez, executive director of Fútbol Más, was awarded by The Global Good Fund for being one of the young Latin American leaders who have made a positive impact on society.

The Global Good Fund (TGGF) awards each year to two former scholars: one international and one American. This year, the international recognition was received by Víctor Gutiérrez, who, thanks to his career in the international organization Fútbol Más was awarded the award given in Washington DC "This award means that within a community of people that is generating a great impact on worldwide, they chose us, Fútbol Más, and me particularly for the leadership. We have stood out for the change we have generated at the social level, over other initiatives, "he says.

"We obtained this recognition for being professionals, for having built together with the communities of different countries of the world. This is a prize that is also from those communities. In addition, by educating from the heart, which is why Football More has been highlighted as a program. Both in the community, as in sports, "adds the Executive Director.

Football More is a non-profit organization, founded 11 years ago in Chile, which through sport seeks the integral development of girls, boys and young people. The good reception that the work of the foundation had has made it currently in seven other countries, besides Chile. The NGO has the support of large companies and alliances such as Agrosuper, Anglo American, Teck Quebrada Blanca, the Agency for Cooperation and Development of Chile. In addition, they have been part of the Strengthening Fund of the Colunga Foundation for the implementation of its subsidiary in Peru in 2014 and then in the execution of its program "The Party of my neighborhood" in 2018.

Photo: Football More.

What is the Global Good Fund?

The Global Good Fund is an organization that awards annually to young leaders around the world that are generating a social impact in different areas. It was created in 2012 under the premise of highlighting those who are capable of solving social problems and, through this, achieve the common good of society.

The purpose of this award is to invest money in young social entrepreneurs, who in turn can become business leaders who can have a positive impact on the most vulnerable groups of society.

In the case of Fútbol Más, she won the prize for creating a methodology that positively impacts on girls, boys and young people in Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Haiti, Mexico, France, Kenya and Paraguay. The organization works by recovering public spaces, empowering communities and improving mental health and social-emotional well-being. It uses sport, more particularly football as a space for recreation, but more importantly, it uses it as a method to develop the skills of those who participate in its activities, especially girls, boys and youngsters in neighborhoods, schools and residences of protection that today is part of the organization.

Tracing the future objectives, Víctor Gutiérrez adds: "We want to scale globally, take our methodology to the continents where we are not. Invest in technologies so that any community leader, any person, any teacher who wants to take the sport a step further, can turn it into a sport for development and thus have access to a technology that gives him tools to do that ".

Source: Football More.

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