Dialogue in times of crisis: Keynote talk in Concepción

January 29, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

Alfredo Zamudio, Director of the Nansen Center for Peace and the Norwegian Dialogue.

Under the motto # TiemposDeDiálogo, the Director of the Nansen Center for Peace and the Norwegian Dialogue, Alfredo Zamudio, gave a keynote talk at Biobío on conflict transformation through dialogue.

Tiempos de diálogo - Concepción

The Wednesday, January 29, the University of Concepción hosted the keynote talk of Alfredo Zamudio, Director of the Nansen Center for Peace and the Norwegian Dialogue, an entity that has developed a methodology to transform conflicts of high complexity through dialogue.

In the photograph, some of the participants of the day.

The Nansen Center promotes peace, human rights, dialogue and reconciliation at the international level, since 1994, working in countries such as  Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, the Balkans and Poland. Through training, documentation and dissemination of knowledge about dialogue for peace, they help prevent and resolve conflicts.

"Dialogue rebuilds trust and human collaboration. Dialogue is for the brave, those who still believe that collaboration and conflict transformation is possible" said Alfredo Zamudio.

Participants performing a practical dialogue exercise, guided by Alfredo Zamudio.

On the other hand, Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of Fundación Colunga, He highlighted the importance of holding this meeting in Concepción:  “The social crisis has had repercussions throughout Chile. Therefore, it is very important to reach the capital of the Biobío region. We want that among Chileans and Chileans we can hear each other better to find better solutions. ”

In the image, Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of Fundación Colunga.

The activity, organized by Colunga Foundation and Nansen CenterIt was also the scene of the launch of a three-year training program, which seeks to create capacity for dialogue in Chilean civil society through the formation of 100 leaders, in a cooperation agreement between both entities.

In the photo, Paolo Dapelo, one of the citizens who attended people in the demonstrations, shares his vision and the need for dialogue tools to move forward.

Geraldine Plaza, a physical education teacher at Lota, tells about her experience in relation to the dialogues with the students in the face of the social crisis in Chile.

You can review the following interview with Alfredo Zamudio: 


You can see a summary of his talk in Santiago, Chile, in July 2019:

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