Meet the winners of “Poor the one who doesn't change his eyes” 2019

February 5, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

The alliance Communication and Poverty, which brings together the Superación de la Pobreza Foundation, the América Solidaria Foundation and the Community of Solidarity Organizations, recognizes the journalists and media that have contributed to inform the public about the dimensions of poverty, vulnerability and social exclusion, enhancing an unstigmatized look, that allows to know the phenomenon, its causes and its characteristics.

The 2019 version of “Poor the one who does not change his eyes” highlighted the works that, in the midst of the complexity of the social crisis that we live in the country, showed the audience relevant information in terms of economic, cultural and treatment inequality, in addition to the violation of children's rights in Chile.

These were the awarded works:

Best news of the day: The outstanding covers published after the social outbreak of newspaper Publimetro, Equipo Publimetro, Publimetro. See.

Best press report: Being a mom in jail, Natalia Ramos, Friday Magazine. See.

Best television report: SOS: Unequal public safety?, Anwar Farran, Special Report, TVN. See.

Best digital report and journalistic excellence: The brutal report of the PDI on abuses in the Sename that remained hidden since December, Nicolás Sepúlveda and Juan Andrés Guzmán, CIPER. See.

Best transmedia report: Migrant children in Chile: Stories of how we are changing, Pablo Basadre, Manuel Contreras, Natalia Carrasco, Josefina Reyes, Claudia Saravia and Rodrigo Tapia, Vergara 240. See.

Best editorial contribution: The summit of a mountain, Daniel Matamala, The Third. See.

Best regional contribution: Women cannon fodder, Cristian Ascencio, Carlos Luz and Nelfi Fernández, Mercurio Antofagasta in collaboration with The Duty of Bolivia and La Estrella de Iquique, in alliance with Connectas. See.

Best international contribution: The broken lives that irritate Trump, Elías Camhaji and Jacobo García, El País. See.

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