What do children and adolescents dream of in Chile?

August 9, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Children's Day is seen by commercial stores from a more materialistic perspective, and although we believe that children and adolescents deserve all the gifts and hugs in the world, we decided to connect with their dreams. We asked them what their ideal world would be like. This answered us:

Yva Cárcamo - 14 years old - Iquique

“A world where we were all the same, where there are no injustices, where everyone was at the heights of others, that there were no people who believe they are better than others and of course, a world where all people contribute to our environment and to the environment. Because in the end, it is our home and we ourselves are the pigs that do not know how to clean it. ” 

Jenifer Campos - 19 years old - Talca

“A world where there is more respect and equality, which does not matter social class, nationality, skin color or if they have a different way of seeing things, because we are all human beings and nobody is more or less than the rest . A world where there was no injustice and where people put themselves in the place of the other. And finally, a world where people were more grateful for what they have and there is no envy. ” 

Daeyssy Concha - 17 years old - Santiago

"A world without pollution, where there is real importance in people about recycling, where there are no discrimination of races or sex, where there is good mental health for all, within many other factors that afflict society." 

Boys and girls of House of the Meeting of the Santa Ana Foundation, Revolutionize Concause of América Solidaria and the program Football More Neighborhoods They talk about what is best to participate in these projects, which precisely seek to encourage the participation of children and their environment. These are the most common concepts: 

In Fundación Colunga we dream of more just and collaborative societies, for a better future of the new generations. Have you asked the children and adolescents about their dreams? It would be a nice participatory recognition.

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