ColungaLAB conducts fifth version of its cycle of open talks, addressing stewardship in times of pandemic

May 6, 2020
Valentina Well

Thanks to the collaboration of the director of studies of CommunityWomen, Paula Poblete, Marcela Ríos, resident representative of UNDP in Chile and Pedro Uribe, executive director of Virile Illusion, the fifth version of the ColungaLab Open Talk Cycle, held by the Colunga Foundation, was held.

On this occasion, the results of the study that ComunidadMujer launched on March 8, entitled "How much do we contribute to GDP? First National Study of Economic Valuation of Domestic Work and Unpaid Care in Chile" and, based on the conclusions of the analysis, it was discussed how much the issue of co-responsibility has penetrated in Chilean society, especially in the midst of a health crisis that keeps about 5.5 million people in the country in quarantine.

The Director of studies ComunidadMujer, Paula Poblete, thanked the instance and the opportunities offered by being part of the ColungaHUB when opening spaces to discuss this type of subject. He also highlighted the importance that his organization plays in putting these issues on the table.

In the case of Marcela Ríos, UNDP representative in Chile, she explained that “the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a distribution of tasks at home and in care that was already constitutive of our“ normality ”. The ComunidadMujer study allows us to understand the contribution of domestic and unpaid care work to the economy, and provides a platform to discuss how we can advance towards sustainable development, which requires gender equality as a basis. ”

For the executive director of Ilusión Viril, Pedro Uribe, “participating in this space is essential because it is urgent for us men to get involved in care, even more so in a critical situation such as the current one where the collaboration of all people is required and communities. Usually we are asked what we men can do to support the demands of women. The time has come to demonstrate with concrete acts how much we are interested in changing ”.

The coordinator of the Colunga Foundation Social Innovation Laboratory, Francisca Lemaître, He explained that "co-responsibility acquires a special relevance these days, as confinement reveals the differences in the burden of household chores" and added that "we believe that one way to contribute to a better coexistence is giving space for conversation on this, providing information that helps to understand the magnitude of the contribution that is made and raise awareness that they are everyone's duties, walk towards a private space where women and men dedicate the same amount of time to unpaid domestic work.

Lemaître also announced that a II Cycle of Open Talks where topics related to the containment of work teams, childhood and dialogue in times of pandemic will be addressed, which will begin next Wednesday May 13. More information. 


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