Colunga conducts its II Cycle of Open Talks to deliver tools to the community around the Coronavirus crisis

May 13, 2020
Valentina Well

Through its Social Innovation Laboratory, the foundation seeks to continue reaching out to citizens and civil society organizations in particular, in order to deliver knowledge that may be useful to them in the days of COVID-19, through the use of digital platforms.

Cultivating Teams in this New Context, was the theme that gave rise to the II Cycle of Open Talks of the ColungaLAB -which started last April 17- and who was in charge of executive director of Gudcompany, Francisco Cerda, and moderated by himto Coordinator of the Colunga Foundation Social Innovation Laboratory, Francisca Lemaître.

Lemaître he delved into this matter explaining that "We wanted to touch on issues of special relevance to our ecosystem in the midst of this health crisis, since we know that teams are key when it comes to dealing with difficult times and that is why we wanted to talk about how to empower and care for them"

The launch of this second version makes even more sense, coinciding with the Government's announcement of the extension of the total quarantine throughout the Province of Santiago, given the increase in cases of Covid-19 infections, which exceed 34,000 in the country, with 2,660 new daily cases and 347 deaths.

On the other hand, Sow He explained the importance of strengthening the ecosystem of civil society and assured that “I firmly believe in the leading role that civil society must have in building the society we want. And in the work that Colunga has been doing for this purpose ”and added that“ at the end of the day, all this effort goes through the quality of leadership and the work of the teams in charge of making this role a reality. Cultivating work becomes central in the world that comes after COVID-19 and social outbreak in Chile", said.

On Wednesday May 20th it will be the turn of the talk What is the scenario facing our childhood during the pandemic?, in which The executive director of the Iberoamerican Center for Children's Rights (CIDENI), Ester Valenzuela, and the childhood specialist from World Vision ChileJorge Escudero.

For him Wednesday may 27th the exhibition will deal with dialogues and will be framed under the name of Turn down your volume (if you want to change the world), than will be in charge of Director of Norwegian Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, Alfredo Zamudio and the Focal Point in Chile of the same organization, Wendy Chadwick. For the latter, these types of instances are essential, since "while we create more collaborative and diverse spaces, where dialogue can be born and grow, the more we will advance towards a better country"He assured.

That is why Lemaître concludes that "talking about childhood in this context and having a vision of what is happening is very relevant to our purpose; and of course including dialogue as a tool to help us get closer in times where polarization in positions is increasingly tending, it seems to us that they are discussions and topics that add value ”.

In addition, a workshop, from May 27 and with sessions on May 1, 3, 8 and 10, dictated by Mapocho Foundation on Storytelling for the change, in order to deepen one of the talks held in the 1st Cycle of Open Talks of the ColungaLAB. This time the workshop will have a limited number of vacancies, so applications will be open until May 20.



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