Colunga participates in First Encuentro of #SocialChile

October 13, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Colunga Team: Christian Molinari, Olivia Schulze, Paula Aliaga and Gabriel Nesvara

On October 12, Colunga collaborators participated in the First Meeting of Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (#SocialChile), organized by the Ministry of Economy, with support from Corfo.

The event counted with the contribution of the Minister of Economy, Jorge Rodríguez, who highlighted the wide network of mentors created to support social innovation in Chile, as well as the creation of coworks to support the work of entrepreneurs. On the other hand, Eduardo Bitran, executive vice president of Corfo, valued the creation in four years of the most robust ecosystem of entrepreneurship and social innovation in Latin America.

"In Colunga we firmly believe in the power of interconnection and the construction of bridges. The magic of being part of this event lies precisely in the fact that diverse actors -of academia, civil society, the state, companies and social entrepreneurship- are here and we are all working to generate transformations. It is in these spaces that we see the efforts that drive the engine that is generating these changes that we need so much, "he said. Fe Sánchez, director of ColungaHUB.

The various actors of civil society and other organizations of the innovation ecosystem converged on the La Moneda Palace Cultural Center to discuss progress and share experiences.

"Entrepreneurship and innovation play a fundamental role in our economy. But it is not only the talent of the entrepreneurs that delivers benefits to the country, but also the desire to generate a positive impact on the community, " as indicated Corfo.

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