CEFIS presented keys for effective governance in ColungaHUB

June 28, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

On Wednesday, May 26, the Center for Philanthropy and Social Investment (CEFIS) of the Adolfo Ibáñez University presented its Guide for the Effective Governance of Foundations and Corporations in the Colunga Foundation Auditorium in Chile.

The conversation "Keys to effective governance", coordinated by the Colunga Foundation and the Community of Solidarity Organizations (COS), served to bring together representatives of different foundations and institutions of civil society to discuss the importance of more participatory and binding directories in the NGOs.

Carolina Contreras, Executive Director of Pro Bono Foundation, made an introduction to the activity, contributing with the legal view on the guide. Rescued the relevance of the creation of statutes that regulate all administrative and constitutive processes when creating a foundation.  

Followed by it, Magdalena Aninat, Director of CEFIS, made a quick summary of the contents of the document that was prepared thanks to the cooperation of about 50 foundations and corporations, among them, Colunga Foundation. This panorama served as the basis for the conformation of a panel that gave practical down to all the exposed.

The table, moderated by Hans Rosenkranz, Executive Director of the Community of Solidarity Organizations, was integrated by Juan Cristóbal Romero, Executive Director of Home of Christ; Francisca Egaña, Executive Director of Loyalty Foundation; Katharina Kastowsky, General Manager of Tomorrow Corporation; Y Rodrigo Tupper, Executive Director of Portas Foundation.

The representatives of these organizations, who also served as a model for the creation of the guide, shared their experiences on how the structuring and diversification of their organization charts has been key to the effective functioning and fulfillment of the strategic objectives. Transparency and evaluation of directors and executive team were the ideas that stood out the most.

Regarding the latter, Rodrigo Tupper said: "A board that is subject to the possibility of evaluation, is a directory that will walk better because the executing team's gaze helps them to make better decisions. This helps the good health of an institution. "

The attendees, mostly from the civil sector, considered the guide as a key document for the management of non-profit institutions. Iñaki Otegui, Director of Friends Forever Foundation, said: "I think it's a breakthrough that goes to all organizations. I come from the business sector, I've been close to a year and a half in the foundation, and I think the guide has the great value of ordering and showing the way to a better functioning ".

Fiorella Bertonati, who works in the Social Area of the Simón de Cirene CorporationHe stressed: "For us this document is very relevant because it helps us to strengthen the foundations we are supporting. This guide gives the kick to work in an articulated way with other organizations that point to the same problem. "

The Guide for the Effective Governance of Foundations and Corporations in Chile It is available for free download at this link.

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