Open letter from civil society

October 20, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Chile claims a new social agreement. The current crisis of our democracy has been triggered by a model that manages to generate wealth, but that unequally distributes its fruits. Additionally, there is a deep distrust of citizens towards all institutions and among ourselves. This is the most relevant social and political crisis since the return to democracy.

As a civil society we have insistently alerted the political and business world of severe conditions of economic inequality, gender, dignity and treatment, the lack of spaces for participation and an intolerable accumulation of undeserved disadvantages in millions of compatriots. So far we have not obtained a solid response from the political world or the business world. Today we feel helplessness and frustration because we have also failed in our task.

Faced with this crisis, a group of men and women representatives of more than 300 civil society organizations We put ourselves at the service of building a new and necessary social agreement. We are convinced that the interlocutors of today are totally insufficient and that is why we open the doors of our organizations for a democratic dialogue that manages to put the pains of Chile at the center of the public discussion. We do it from work with hundreds of thousands who are part of that Chile that has never been heard. We humbly offer our territorial deployment, our permanent contact with leaders throughout the country to be part of a dialogue with the necessary symmetry required by this crisis that has been too long between us.

As a civil society we invite and summon all the authorities, to join a dialogue, without simulations, with the willingness to achieve profound transformations capable of including those who today express their outrage. Otherwise, we will not achieve the desired social peace that Chile requires.


  1. Allegra
  2. Solidarity America Chile 
  3. International Solidarity America
  4. Let's support a Cause 
  5. Ashoka
  6. Tramados Cultural Association
  7. Association of Scholars and Alumni IFP Chile
  8. ADC Biciculture Consumers Association
  9. Association of Sustainable Consumers of Chile, Cir.
  10. Association of Sustainable Consumers of Chile, CirAlforjeando Chile
  11. Association of Sustainable Consumers of Chile, Circular.
  12. Association of Salesian Ladies
  13. Chile Ethical Association
  14. Sanaclown Association
  15. Balloon Latam
  16. Biciculture
  17. Bikelite
  18. Ideas Camp
  19. Caritas Chile
  20. House family
  21. La Barraca Cultural Center
  22. RENACER Children's Support Center
  23. Child and Women's Care Center, CEANIM
  24. Center for Sustainable Development
  25. Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS)
  26. American Education and Culture Center
  27. Rabbani Center for Spirituality and Cultural Development
  28. CENFA Family Center
  29. International Center for Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education (CINESUP)
  30. Hortitherapy Occupational Center
  31. Cetram
  32. Chile + Today
  33. Decentralized and Developed Chile
  34. CIAE, University of Chile
  35. CIDENI
  37. Living city
  38. UFRO Psychological Clinic
  39. COES
  40. Match, collaboration for human development
  41. Social Collective The Rebellion of the Body
  42. National Committee for the Defense of Fauna and Flora-CODEFF
  43. Community of Solidarity Organizations
  44. Community the House
  45. Community Woman
  46. CNW Networking Community
  47. Therapeutic Community Open Door 
  48. Reñaca Roots Folk Ensemble of Viña del Mar
  49. Corpaliv
  50. Oncomamás Corporation 
  51. Corporation Opening Doors
  52. Cealivi Quillota Corporation
  53. CreArte Corporation
  54. CreceChile Corporation
  55. Friends of the Roberto del Río Hospital Corporation
  56. Trampoline Popular Development and Education Corporation
  57. Humanity Challenge Corporation
  58. Corporación Dolores Sopeña 
  59. Tricahue Educational Corporation
  60. Formando Chile Corporation 
  61. Jesus Child Corporation
  62. EV Together Corporation
  63. Puerto Varas Children Corporation
  64. Our House Corporation
  65. Option Corporation
  66. Corporation for the Inclusion of People with Visual Disabilities and Deafblind, CIDEVI
  67. Valparaíso Step by Step Corporation
  68. Reñaca Alto Green Lung Corporation
  69. Sowing Change Corporation
  70. Simón de Cirene Corporation
  71. Territory Corporation
  72. Good Life Corporation
  73. Yo Mujer Corporation
  74. Cultivate 
  75. Humanity Challenge
  76. Dimus Chile
  77. Don Bosco
  78. Educleta
  79. The Circus of the World 
  80. Entrepreneurship
  81. EnergyMan 
  82. FECIL
  83. Fondacio Chile
  84. Forge Chile
  85. Africa Dream Foundation
  86. Innova Country Foundation
  87. 99 Foundation
  88. Abrazarte Foundation
  89. Public Action Foundation
  90. Acompaña Foundation
  91. ACTO Foundation
  92. Ahuenco Foundation
  93. Aldea de la Fuente Foundation
  94. Altiplano Foundation
  95. Alto Rio Foundation
  96. Amalegría Foundation
  97. Amanoz Foundation
  98. Friends of Jesus Foundation
  99. Amparo and Justice Foundation
  100. Amparos Foundation
  101. Support Adoption Foundation
  102. Art and Solidarity Foundation
  103. Atacamagica Foundation
  104. Open Classroom Foundation
  105. Avina Foundation
  106. Ayla Foundation
  107. BanAmor Foundation
  108. Bank of Books Foundation
  109. Solidarity Barbers Foundation 
  110. Public Base Foundation
  111. Garbage Foundation
  112. Be Hope Foundation 
  113. Betania Foundation Welcomes
  114. Camin Foundation
  115. Peace House Foundation 
  116. Foundation Center for Conservation Law
  117. Cerro Navia Joven Foundation
  118. Cerros Island Foundation
  119. Chile Foundation
  120. Chile 2100 Foundation
  121. Chilean Adoption Foundation
  122. CicloRecreoVía Foundation
  123. Young Science Foundation
  124. Emerging City Foundation
  125. Smart Citizenship Foundation
  126. Colorearte Foundation
  127. Colunga Foundation 
  128. Road Awareness Foundation
  129. Course Council Foundation 
  130. ConTrabajo Foundation
  131. Cosmos Foundation
  132. CpueD Foundation
  133. Fundación CpueDAlforjeando Chile
  134. Creando Curiosos Foundation
  135. Create Community Foundation
  136. Crecer Foundation 
  137. Grow with All Foundation
  138. Foundation Growing with Food Allergies
  139. Crescendo Foundation
  140. Cristo Vive Foundation
  141. Crysalida Foundation
  142. Cultural Foundation for Social Reinsertion Itaca
  143. Foundation for Assistance to People with Cancer Vi-Da
  144. Protege Conservation Foundation
  145. Free Sport Foundation 
  146. Diversifica Foundation
  147. Education Foundation 2020
  148. Education and Citizenship Foundation
  149. Cristo Joven Educational Foundation
  150. Educational Opportunity Foundation
  151. Educational Foundation
  153. EducAfrica and AfricaEduca Foundation
  154. Emilia Foundation
  155. Energy for All Foundation
  156. EntreLazos Chile Foundation
  157. Epas Foundation
  158. Eres Foundation 
  159. School in Action Foundation
  160. Express Foundation
  161. Strategic Philanthropy Foundation (Empatthy)
  162. Football Foundation More
  163. Gantz Foundation
  164. Business Generation Foundation 
  165. Geute Conservación Sur Foundation
  166. Foundation Once Upon A Time 
  167. Honra Foundation
  168. Horizon Citizen Foundation
  169. Footprint Training and Vocation Foundation 
  170. Local Footprint Foundation
  171. Sustainable Footprint Foundation
  172. Equuales Foundation
  173. Initial Impulse Foundation
  174. Impulso-Tek Foundation
  175. Include Foundation
  176. First Childhood Foundation
  177. INFOCAP Foundation
  178. Engineers Without Borders Foundation
  179. Inkietas Foundation
  180. Inspira Foundation
  181. City Institute Foundation
  182. Interpretative Foundation 
  183. Next to the Neighborhood Foundation
  184. Kawoq Foundation
  185. Kodea Foundation
  186. Koinomadelfia Foundation
  187. La Semilla Foundation
  188. Lacaracola Foundation To Be Happy 
  189. Lealtad Chile Foundation
  190. Milk Foundation for Haiti
  191. Chile Legacy Foundation
  192. Lepe Foundation
  193. Limitless Foundation
  194. Lotus Foundation
  195. Ludovico Rutten Foundation
  196. Luksic Foundation
  197. Mapocho Foundation
  198. Mar Adentro Foundation
  199. María Jesús Vergara Foundation 
  200. Foundation More
  201. I Move Foundation 
  202. Mi Parque Foundation
  203. Fundación Microtia e Hipaocusia Chile
  204. My Talents Foundation
  205. Woman Foundation Get up 
  206. Multitudes Foundation
  207. Workshop Museum Foundation
  208. Mustakis Foundation
  209. Nacer Futuro Foundation
  210. Newenko Foundation
  211. Brave Girls Foundation
  212. Children First Foundation
  213. Nonos Foundation
  214. Native Core Foundation
  215. Our Children Foundation
  216. Foundation Observation Citizenship
  217. Game Observatory Foundation
  218. Olivos Foundation 
  219. Olla Rabbani Foundation
  220. Origin Foundation 
  221. Osteogenesis Imperfecta Chile Foundation
  222. OYKOS Foundation
  223. Padre Hurtado Foundation
  224. Father Semeria Foundation
  225. Honeycomb Foundation
  226. Foundation for Social Development
  227. Trafkintun Foundation for Development
  228. Foundation for Trust 
  229. Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation
  230. Foundation for Participatory Innovation
  231. Foundation for social insertion Kalén
  232. Paternitas Foundation
  233. Playground Foundation
  234. Patronage Foundation of the Sacred Hearts of Valparaíso
  235. Pleiades Foundation
  236. Foundation for a career
  237. ProAcogida Foundation
  238. ProBono Foundation 
  239. ProCultura Foundation
  240. PROhumana Foundation
  241. 3D Prosthetic Foundation
  242. Fundación Proyecta Memoria
  243. Project B Foundation
  244. Bridge Foundation
  245. Punta de lobos Foundation
  246. Foundation Who Counts Are You
  247. Recrea Foundation
  248. Reñaca Higher Foundation
  249. Rodelillo Foundation
  250. Rondó Foundation
  251. Santa Ana Foundation
  252. Sara Raier de Rassmuss Foundation
  253. Trekking for Everyone Foundation
  254. Sense Foundation
  255. SoyMákina Foundation
  256. Súmate Foundation
  257. Poverty Overcoming Foundation
  258. Terram Foundation
  259. Work for a Brother Foundation
  260. Trabün Foundation
  261. Trafkintun Foundation
  262. Transcend Foundation 
  263. Unbound Valparaíso Foundation
  264. Social Planning Foundation
  265. Life more Dreams Foundation
  266. Foundation Villa of Elders Padre Alberto HUrtado
  267. Housing Foundation
  268. Flying V Foundation
  269. World Vision International Foundation Chile
  270. Yo Te Leo Foundation
  271. Yoga Medicine Foundation
  272. Green Giant
  273. Girls in Tech Chile
  274. Good neighbors
  275. Recrea Group
  276. Home of Christ
  277. Las Creches Girls' Home
  278. Ideas for Children 
  279. Ingenious
  280. JJVV Caupolicán Viña Del Mar
  281. The Little Machine of Dreams
  282. Laboratory
  283. Social Change Laboratory
  284. UC Social Innovation Laboratory (CoLab UC)
  285. MediatorLab
  286. Melton Foundation
  287. Mobilize
  288. Movement against Lethal Speed Excess (MEL)
  289. Impacta Woman
  290. Naim-Curico
  291. Cities Integrated to the Territory Observatory (CiTé ONG)
  292. Fiscal Expenditure Observatory
  293. Odontobus
  294. NGO CDI Chile 
  296. NGO Social Awareness
  297. NGO Play Space
  298. Ong Goodneighbors Valparaíso
  299. Inclusive NGO 
  300. NGO Innovation
  301. NGO Maria Welcomes
  302. Ong Moving
  303. NGO No Chat
  304. NGO Pather Nostrum
  305. Ong Progressio
  306. Ong Sit back
  307. Ong Tompkins Conservation 
  308. OSEV Citizen Road Safety Organizations
  309. Golden Platform
  310. National Education Award 2013
  311. Proqualitas, Business Consultant for the Common Good
  312. Momart project
  313. Reintegration Project
  314. Volunteer Psychologists of Chile
  315. Chilean Network of Respectful Parenting
  316. Social Action Network of the Araucanía Region
  317. Interdisciplinary Network of Human Rights
  318. Red Volunteers of Chile
  319. Volunteer Network of Chile “Valparaíso Voluntario”
  320. Christ's refuge
  321. Jesuit Migrant Service
  322. System B
  324. SocialxChange
  325. Child Protective Society
  326. Summa
  327. Super woman
  328. SOUTH Corporation
  330. Sustain +
  331. Chile roof
  332. Coquimbo Territory
  333. Land of Hope
  334. United Way Chile
  335. Vicariate for Education Santiago
  336. Vicaria Social Pastoral of Workers

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