Children's council in Colunga: How is the country that children and adolescents dream?

December 2, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation


About 30 children and adolescents between 5 and 17 years old participated raising their voices to jointly build the country we want, in the council organized by the Ibero-American Center for the Rights of the Child (CIDENI), América Solidaria and Fundación Colunga.

Implementing a methodology proposed by UNICEF, participants reflected on the following questions: How is the country you dream? What do you know about what is happening in Chile today? How to agree? What rights must be protected?

Divided into groups according to their ages, they expressed their opinion through drawings, debates, flipcharts and exhibitions, working around concepts about national news and their rights.

The right to health, to quality educationat contact with the nature and a pollution free environment, yet transport that respects people already be listened in their families, schools and public spaces, they were the most important cross-cutting themes by all and all participants.

The town hall results they were exposed by groups in a plenary in front of moms and dads, which will be systematized and published, along with being sent to the Ombudsman's Office.

Sebastián, 17, highlighted the possibility of being able to share different points of view with other young people of his age without generating conflicts, highlighting that “the most important thing was the information we all managed, because we were able to address all the issues and reach conclusions from what we have learned these days in the streets and in different manifestations. And despite the differences in age or gender, things affect us all equally. ”

Julieta, 6, said the activity seemed entertaining, especially "when we went out to the patio to look for the materials to make the model of the place where I would like to live," which for her is "in nature."

This methodological experience for children and young people is available to be replicated in other spaces, such as educational establishments, cultural centers, neighborhoods, etc. Interested persons or organizations can contact: or

Check here the photo album and results of the meeting:

Cabildo infantil en Colunga

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